What’s Good? (Late Summer)

Hello again and welcome to this the fourth What’s Good? installment. A top ten list (without numbers) of things I’m enjoying or have enjoyed recently. In TV, Movies and life and junk. You get the picture. I wish I could do one of these every month but some months, I’m telling ya, ain’t much good. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t want to fight about it. My EmotionsIf you haven’t heard yet, I had a run-in with my local launder/dry cleaner dude and put my foot through two of the panels on his doors. He had me arrested and the whole thing has sent me into a depressive funk. I hadn’t had an incident in more than a decade and I was getting out more. Hitting the museums and stuff. I felt like I was improving. But he said something to me. I said something back and then he said something else and I did what I did. In the past I would’ve punched him. So maybe it should feel like progress. But police, court dates and the fact he’s right on the corner and I’m not allowed to walk that way anymore has sent me to self-pity city (population one). And it goes without saying that self-pity city is pretty shitty. (the reason it goes without saying is… well you try to say it)

StrangeloveAnyway, I don’t want to get you all down too. So I’m gonna talk about the good stuff

We got mostly TV this time around. And the Mets. The Mets are looking really good. And if all goes well I may even talk about Donald Trump. Everybody else in the world is.

To the list…


I’m glad you asked.

The Brink Poster

The Brink on HBO was really good. It was a half hour comedy about the U.S. and Pakistan almost starting world war three. I love Tim Robbins and this has Tim Robbins written all over it. His film Bob Roberts is one of my all time favorites.

Tim Robbins

The Brink stars Jack Black as a government official who gets caught up in an international incident. It’s zany and silly but the messages resonate in our modern society. The fragile state of international diplomacy in the digital world. Very funny and eerily possible. Except the real thing wouldn’t be as comical. Think Dr. Strangelove meets…well  Dr. Strangelove. The Brink is the modern-day Dr. Strangelove. And I loved every minute of it.

Strike Back: Legacy was pretty good. Strike Back is a show that airs on Cinemax in the US. In its fifth season it’s still exciting and they still don’t mind killing off any character at any time. One of the best things about the show is that the main characters get killed off all the time. Nobody is safe. Espionage and military action with the occasional sexiness thrown in for good measure. I mean, it is Cinemax.

Two men playing chess

Chess w/ Friends app is good because I live alone, so I usually play chess against the computer but I’m good, so I’ve burned a few CPU’s. You never realize how hard a good game of chess pushes a processor until you start smelling the smoke. So it’s good to play humans who don’t overheat. And I get beat on occasion which is good because as long as I play mistake free (huge caveat) I can beat or stalemate (usually stalemate) any chess program. But I’m no Carlsen Magnus. Plus I can’t play a speed game. That’s why I love this app. You’ve got six days to make your move before it forfeits for you. The one thing I don’t like about Chess w/ Friends, because I play 10 to 15 games at a time, is sometimes I get weaker opponents and it weakens my game then some novice beats me and gloats. I hate that. I usually beat them on the rematch then put ’em on ignore.

Netflix Originals are very good and get better with repeat viewings. Daredevil, Sense8, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black are four of my favorite TV shows. I watched Sense8 again and it was better the second time. Then I re-watched Daredevil and it was better for the second time as well. Netflix is making some good TV.


Amazon Prime (not anywhere near Netflix level) has a few good shows and a couple of promising ones coming soon. Catastrophe is very funny and original. The soft insults between the two lead characters are so funny. And I can’t wait for The Man in The High Castle and the return of Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent. Plus, you know, free shipping and music and movies and stuff. And it goes well with my Kindle Fire.

Yoenis Cespedes and Juan Lagares in Colorado

New York Mets Trade Deadline Moves and storming into first place is good. I said a couple of months ago that all we needed was a right-hander with some power and they went out and got Yeonis Cespedes (somebody reads my blog) and since they got him they have gone from the worst offense in the league to the best offense in the league. A really good power hitter in the middle of the line-up makes everybody around them better because they all see more fastballs. They also picked up Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson and called up Michael Conforto; a young player with some pop. They were five games behind before the trades and now the Mets are in first place and have an eight game lead. And then… David Wright, the captain, came back. Woo Hoo!

Daily Show with Jon Stewart Finale was very good. By the end, the Daily Show was a shadow of its former self. But the last episode was a trip down correspondent memory lane with a touching tribute from Stephen Colbert, a great last rant from Jon, and Bruce Springsteen sent the show off with a couple of songs. It was a nice finish for one of my all-time favorite talk shows.


Humans on AMC was creepy good. Here is an intriguing and interesting show but it kind of got bogged down in the second half of the season. I liked it though, and hope it comes back for a second season. It reminds me of that zombie show that I eventually had to give up on except swap robots for zombies. In The Flesh. AMC is doing fine work. They have several of my favorite shows including my absolute favorite, the amazing Halt & Catch Fire and the promising Fear (The Walking Dead) which wasn’t amazing but could get there if it can distant itself from the main show while still keeping its audience.


Mr. Robot stayed good the entire way through. I know I mentioned this in my Early Summer What’s Good? but it needs a re-mentioning. Mr. Robot is fantastic. I read a bad review that said the thing they didn’t like was that they thought it would be impossible for them to keep up this level. That was a bad review. If “I don’t think they can stay this good for very long” is the worst thing you can say about a show, it’s got to be good. Truly amazing. With more than a few episodes in the first season that make you want to watch again from the beginning to see what you missed. They delayed the finale because it was disturbingly similar to something that happened here at a news station (more gun violence what else). But judging just by that, it will probably be disturbingly amazing.

And since I’m mentioning shows I talked about last time.

Halle Berry Extant

I need to apologize to Extant on CBS (also on Amazon Prime). The reboot in the second season is really working for me now. The whole robots versus aliens thing is awesome. The show is sort of about the extinction of the human race but you don’t know from which way it’s coming. There are aliens and there are robots and neither group likes humans very much. Extant can be light and fluffy and sometimes it takes itself too seriously but it’s actually pretty good. I really like the direction they’ve taken the story.

This is where I usually put up a new song that has me playing it on repeat. I’m waiting for Chris Cornell’s new one (also Puscifer) in September but what I can’t stop listening to right now is this shit right here. But it just came out a couple of days ago.

Dr. Dre – Compton (A Soundtrack)

Compton A Soundtrack

There is so much good on this soundtrack. Anderson .Paak. I can’t even begin to… Anderson .Paak. Kendrick Lamar is all over it. Anderson .Paak As well as all the usual suspects. Snoop, Eminem, Cube. Anderson .Paak

But honestly, the album serves as Anderson .Paak’s coming out party. Anderson is a drummer from Cali that raps and sings and makes hella weird videos. I love the guy. This is something he did with Knxwledge that is nasty as all hell called Suede…

My boy is fittin’ ta blow up.

And now… for everything there is a dark side.


Or 5 things that really disappointed me.

Let’s get right into the suck…


My Day in Court… sucked. even though they let me go home. They made me wait all day to find out if I signed in for a community service job from 23 years ago. TWENTY THREE YEARS!! It made my stomach ache. I brought money with me thinking I would just pay my fine and get on with my life but they wanted to first find out how much the door panels cost before they figured out what my fine would be or if I had to do jail time. And after making me wait a month and a half in anxiety and paranoia, they tell me I have to wait another month and a half while they get their shit together and find out what the damage is. Meanwhile I’m going through all the scenarios by which I end up in prison and I lose my apartment and all of my stuff gets ransacked by whoever puts it in storage. And they’re making me come back for more humiliation. Because the ADA just has to point out that the argument was about my underwear while stifling a giggle. She’s quite literally a child.

Airing my Dirty Laundry

On a related note… After my run in with Mr. Huang, my local launder, I haven’t left the house at all and that sucks. I’m back to being afraid to interact with people and I feel like everybody in the neighborhood thinks I shit my pants. It wasn’t feces. It was blood. And the fact that I have to explain that to anyone causes me pain. (I know I just posted it here but at this point it’s part of the public record) It was black underwear and it was dried blood. And what really annoyed me is that he had to discuss it with the whole laundry.

“Your honor, there’s a reason ‘to air ones dirty laundry’ is synonymous with indiscretion. It is the very definition of indiscretion. Hasn’t he been humiliated enough? Your honor, I move that all charges be dropped and my client be allowed to leave the courtroom with what’s left of his dignity.” (thunderous applause)

This Man Is A Fool

Donald Trump as a legitimate candidate for president of the United States, surprisingly, doesn’t suck. This is what the Republican party has become. This is what the election of Barack Obama has done to them. 30 million Donald Trumps without a clue. And they can’t deny it. He shares all of their traits. Anger, Racism, a weak grasp of reality, an entitled attitude based on skin color alone, the lies and the Insults about the government, the rampant misogyny… the list goes on. But I’m enjoying this. Truly I am. It serves as a last chance for the few sane Republicans to abandon their party and their hateful ideology. When you see yourself bigger than life, this giant ugly version of yourself, it should serve as a wake-up call. The party of lies and hate has found their mascot. But what really sucks is how it makes us look to the world. We were just getting over the image George Bush created. Now we’re not just stupid, we’re angry racists as well.

Wet Hot American Netflix

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Netflix was not so good. I think I just expected more. I’m not saying there wasn’t some funny moments but the entire thing played like a series of cameos. It was nice seeing Janeanne Garofalo on my screen again. (I had the biggest crush on her back in the day) but I wasn’t amused by this star-studded prequel to the cult classic about counselors at a summer camp. I wanted more. Even though the entire series taking place in one day is pretty fucking funny.


Hannibal finally returned to form after going way off course with its European excursion. But it’s too late to save the series. Not good Hannibal. You should have never ended last season with total carnage and then basically took it all back. Like saying, we apologize. No one died. I loved the second season. I just hated the way it ended and coming back like nothing happened made me hate it all the more.

Coming Soon to What’s Good:

Minority Report

New Fall Show Leaked Pilots are good. And these are the ones I liked: The best of them was Minority Report which looked cool but had a lot of effects and we all know those shows never last on the major networks. But I also liked Lucifer which looked good because of the title character being unbelievably awesome and sexy. And there was Supergirl which looked super cute and fun even though the pilot needed work. But what I’m also looking forward to is the return of my doctor. That’s right I called him MY doctor. Peter Capaldi is my favorite doctor on Doctor Who. And one day, if I ever get out of this funk, I will do a post about why Peter is my favorite doctor. It will be amazing.

Coming Soon to What’s NOT so Good:


But seriously I wish I could get out of this Funk. In the old days I would just buy some Cocaine and that would do it (I wouldn’t even know who to ask… and I don’t want to know). Coffee just doesn’t work on it. It’s a coffee proof funk. Alcohol doesn’t make it go away, it just makes it darker and more creative. Which is fine temporarily, I guess. Hopefully the day after I find out my punishment I’ll be back to normal… for me. And my new court date isn’t helping. So if there’s no Jail Time, I’ll see you guys in September.

Speaking of funky… and so as not to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. I will leave you with this great song from my boy Anderson .Paak (the dot goes there). This song is about every relationship I ever had when I was on drugs. It’s called Drugs. Enjoy.

Nice. But the video is weird right?

Later Gators,

– Mel


What’s Good?

April 2015 edition.

This post is gonna be a mixed bag… A mixed bag of candy.


I had an old friend who used to greet everyone by asking, “What’s good?” but it wasn’t a question so much as an accusation the way she said it. I never had an answer for her. Not once. It was always annoying when she asked it; What’s good? I think the most she ever got from me was a head nod. We’re no longer friends (something I would point out if she asked again)

“Yo, Mel Rook. What’s good?”

That you and I are no longer friends. What’s good with you?

But I am going to answer her question now. And name my new blog series in her honor.

What’s Good? A top ten of things I’m enjoying or have enjoyed recently. In TV and Movies and life and junk. You get the picture.

To the list…


I’m glad you asked.

Community Season 6

Community Season 6 on Yahoo! Screen is good: The same Community, with a lot of the same faces, getting into the same sorts of trouble, I even like the new people. So happy they found a place to land. Thanks Yahoo.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netfilx is good : It’s funny, zany, impossibly cute and colorful, yet still a bit raunchy, silly, oh so very silly. I loved this show. Although a month later I still can’t get the damn theme song out of my head.


iZombie on the CW is good. iZombie is really good. Part Buffy, Part Veronica Mars, Part Walking Dead. A murder mystery of the week type show with a zombie twist. Love it.

Better Call Saul was good. It’s over for now but it was very good. Bob Odenkirk is gonna at least get a nomination for best actor. This is like an origin story… two of them actually. This is the beginnings of the Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut we knew from Breaking Bad. Great writing and great directing.


Marvel’s Daredevil is incredibly good. Just all kinds of good. Brutal, violent, very cool, faithful to the comic and… it’s just really fucking good alright. So good I had to savor it. Can’t take all that awesome at one sitting.

Death Cab for Cutie – Kintsugi is a good album



Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly is a good album


Baseball Season is here and Spring, and it is good. It’s getting nice outside here. I’ve made plans to get out more. Maybe even get out to the ballpark.

Matt Harvey

Making Plans is good… I guess. The problem with plans is that The Fates (those guys) always have a way of saying, “Fuck Your Plans.” somewhere between my making them and my executing them.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

But I’m still planning some museum trips and going out to the ballgame and taking more pictures and getting outside in the sun. Maybe even taking my bike out. Wish me luck.

And finally… What’s good?

This girl right here. That’s what.

Conway – Attack

Love this song. Attack! Attack! Attack!

And now… for everything there is a dark side.


…or 5 things that recently sucked.

Powers on Playstation Plus is NOT good. The acting, the writing, the whole damn thing is just so very cheesy. I watched 4 episodes and I couldn’t continue. The effects are so bad. The acting is so bad. The show is not good. It stars the guy who voiced Chappie…

Speaking of which.

Chappie is crappy

CHAPPiE was not good. I wrote a review for this movie but decided not to post it because it was all just curses and screaming about how shitty the movie was. The cutesy robot and the bad acting, the horrible accents, the horrible AI. The robot acts like an infant when it’s turned on. Why is this? Why does he keep wiping his nose? Robots are for Science Fiction not Fantasy. They might as well have spilled Coca Cola on his motherboard or chanted an incantation to bring the robot to life. CHAPPiE was not good.

House of Cards Season 3 on Netflix is NOT good. It feels like they ran out of stories. Season one was amazing. Season two was even better. But I feel the quality dipped substantially this last season. Snooze-ville.


The Second Draft of my novel is not good. The First Draft is better than the second draft. Now I don’t know if I should throw out the second and work from the first again or try to improve the second with a third. I’m going in the wrong direction. It’s supposed to get better not worse.

My Landlord & Owner Fighting is not good. The agency I rent my apartment from and the building management are in a “heated” legal battle. I’ve been told it wouldn’t affect me but the games are annoying. I complained about the heat once last year because my cat was sneezing and so this winter the landlord cranked the boiler up so high that the hot water was boiling out of the tap and the pipes scorching, like they’re trying to smoke me like cured meat. I feel like beef jerky. It was so freaking hot this winter. It warped my acoustic guitar to the point where it’s practically unplayable. Somebody owes me a guitar.

But so as not to end this first What’s Good installment on a bad note, here’s Conway’s new song Attack again. This time the album version from the video.

I can’t stop playing this song now. I can’t stop playing this song LOUD. Crank it up.

Coming Soon to What’s Good: Avengers Age of Ultron, Game of Thrones Season 5, Mad Men’s final 8 shows and The Mets winning in April. 

Coming Soon to What’s Not so Good: Justified finale (depending on how it ends), Person of Interest (If they don’t get their shit together) and Me not leaving the house.

Until next time,


Netfilx’s Marvel’s Daredevil’s Extended Trailer

Fuck Yeah!!!

I love the look and the feel and the casting. So excited.

Netflix has been knocking it out the park recently (I freaking loved The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt… dammit), so I’m really excited for this.

Daredevil, after the X-Men, was my favorite title growing up. Frank Miller made it awesome. You can’t do Daredevil without bringing some of that to the table.

And Deborah Ann Woll and Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio and I just can’t wait until April 10th.

– Mel