Simple Meditation Techniques

This post is just a series of videos (15 in all) about meditation and meditation techniques for beginners (and experts without fragile egos).

I don’t know the teacher’s name (Elizabeth Rose maybe…). But if the way she looks bothers you or how she sounds or her age or those dreadlocks or how dated these videos are bothers you, then you need to get over it. She’s brilliant. She’s concise. And she’s correct. These are the best meditation instruction videos that I have found on the internet to date. This woman really knows what she is talking about.

Listen to her.

If you’re an experienced meditator then consider it a refresher course if you need to.

They’re only like two minutes each and chock full of information. Because like I said, the woman knows what she’s talking about.

And so many people do not. (I’m looking at you Deepak)

So many people make it more complicated than it is.

However, if you’re like me and you want to be better at everything. Everything. From cooking to sleeping to talking to listening to walking to thinking to breathing… just fucking everything, Learn to focus your mind.

Try to meditate for 30 minutes a day.

The talents you can unlock in yourself… the possibilities are endless… literally endless.

But remember this: If someone you know says they meditate but they’re always scatter-brained and can’t make a simple decision, they’re doing it wrong. You tell them I said they’re doing it wrong. You tell them The Dalai Lama says they’re doing it wrong.

Meditation focuses the mind. You should feel energized and alert. Meditation is an activity not a relaxation technique. If you want to relax, take a nap.

But if you want to learn to levitate, read minds or have mind-blowing sex*, start and maintain a meditation practice daily.

(*Your results may vary – Levitation, mind-reading and having incredible sex like Sting are not typical outcomes and require above average concentration and effort)

The Chakra one is my current favorite… I love the color scheme and the visualizations and the way it also serves to align my spine and my meditation posture. I do this one as a way to root myself for insight meditation.

Anyway check them all out. Expert Village fails to put them in the proper order. So, do what I did and jump around from one to another. Clicking on the techniques that might interest you. Here’s an out of order playlist of all 15.

She also does a series of Beginner’s Yoga videos that are equally as accessible and brilliant. And a yoga series for lower back pain.

If anybody knows who this woman is, tell me in the comments. I’d like to send her a thank you note (and a marriage proposal). I did find an Elizabeth Rose who was channeling spirits on some cable show and I usually treat those things with scepticism (and an open mind) but if it is the same woman, I wouldn’t put it past her to have some serious supernatural skills by now. Even if she is just doing it for the money (everybody’s got to eat).

I will leave you with this: In meditation, there is no such thing as an outside distraction. All distraction comes from inside. So when your mind wanders, and everybody’s mind wanders, don’t worry about that. Buddha’s mind wandered. Just bring it back to the object, whatever it is. You can only call it meditation when you bring your mind back. Otherwise it’s just day dreaming.

But when your mind wanders, and you don’t realize it, and then a car horn beeps or a dog barks or somebody coughs or clears their throat, let that serve as a reminder to go back to the object and stop your day dreaming… right then and there. DON’T FINISH THAT THOUGHT just go back.

Because there are no distractions, none at all. Just random reminders to focus from the universe at large. And when you start to see everything outside of you as a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder to get back to the business at hand, meditating for fun and profit, then those little things don’t bother you so much anymore. You welcome them. You welcome them all. Bring the noise.

–  Mel

“What the world needs now is compassion, clarity and equanimity… and a new president.”


One thought on “Simple Meditation Techniques

  1. Good stuff. She makes it very simple and accessible especially for busy people. Some think meditation is only spiritual, yoga and kung fu masters or hippies, I find her very relatable to average people even with the hair.

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