Bike Trips: Photos From Around The Block: Upper Hudson River Greenway

So I took my bike down off the wall. Wiped the dust off the frame. Inflated the tires. Realized I owned a pretty shitty bike. And then went outside for a ride.

There is a bike path that circles the island, 32 miles long. I did not traverse its entirety. I got like 10% of the way and turned back. But it was a good ride.

There were lots of bike fanatics giving me dirty inquisitive looks. My guesses why were: 1.Where’s your helmet? 2.Why are you going so fucking slow? Out of my way I am a bicycle god. AND 3.Why is someone as good-looking as you bothering to workout? You’re making the rest of us jealous. But it may just be the first two.

I took my camera and took some pictures.

Here they go…

It’s mostly wildlife and the river. I have presented them in a tiled mosaic.

I’m really tired. But I’m planning to get to some better, more picturesque locations this summer; Zoos, Parks, Museums and I’ll be taking my camera with me. I’m hoping this will be the summer of bike trips.

Wish me luck.

– Mel