2016 Year-End Music Lists (MEGA POST)

I don’t do enough music posts.

Hear is a list of my top ten favorite songs from 2016

And a list of my favorite albums from 2016 (or 2015 if I bought it this year)

My music tastes have shifted slightly. I like a lot more pop now which is weird because I was heavy into poop (I mean pop) when I was an infant but through the years it’s gotten so bad that it became hard to listen to. It’s come full circle now. It’s not as gimmicky as in the 90’s or as teeny bop as it got in the 00’s (aughts). Pop is back and all over the song list. The albums are a little more varied.

Also rap has gotten better. But I’m gonna be honest with you. Rap was shit to begin with. It represented some powerful things but musical integrity and artistry was not one of those things. Rap has evolved nicely… musically. The lyrics still ain’t about shit tho.

Here are my favorite songs.

Top Ten Favorite Songs From 2016

Just the music for each ALL AUDIO (this is a music list for heaven’s sake not a dance contest) but if I find a seriously smoking live version… I can’t help myself.

The first one is a heart-breaker. Just beautiful.

#10 Heart Shaped Face by Angel Olsen

Next Lady Gaga (who I can barely stand but this is infectious). No video. No live performance because the less of her antics the better. The song speaks for it self. Raw and bare and catchy as hell.

#9 A-YO by Lady Gaga

Next up Drake, who is really (surrounded by) more talented (people) than he gets credit for. I like this song. I like more of his stuff than I care to admit. No video. No audio. No nothing. Because Drake ain’t having it. And the guy is nothing if not full of himself.

#8 Still Here by Drake

No Audio.


Told ya.


But anyway… Here’s Anderson .Paak (with a special guest getting down on number seven) to fill in the empty space.

#7 Room In Here by Anderson .Paak

Yeah that was tasty as all fucking hell but here’s a live version that’s just nasty… I told you people years ago… Anderson .Paak is about to bloooooow.

Next a David Bowie song that is one of his best and sadly one of his last. Here is Michael C. Hall doing a killer version of Lazarus on The Late Show.

#6 Lazarus by David Bowie

Next I want to point out that Rihanna put out her best album this year. She is maturing as an artist quite nicely. Her last three albums have been amazing. But ANTI is her best. Here’s my favorite song off of that. I like when she sticks to her island roots. She’s another one with antics on top of antics. Let the music speak for itself, woman.

#5 Work by Rihanna

Told you my songs list was heavy on the pop.

Okay here’s some more. I love this woman she made one of the best albums of the year and if not for two of the most talented people on the planet eclipsing her this would be my number one song.

#4 Influence by Tove Lo

Okay this is where it gets tricky. I’m skipping ahead to number two. Don’t ask why. It’s my blog that’s why. This is the number two best song from last year it’s by Childish Gambino (or Donald Glover as it says on his license). And in case you haven’t been paying attention, this dude is one of my favorite artists (period). This new album is AMAZING. This guy is a rapper… This is not rap at all. This is a work of ART.

#2 Me and Your Mama by Childish Gambino

The reason I skipped number three is because numbers three and one go together sooooo well. I’m not even a big Beyoncé fan. This is the second and third cut on what is undoubtedly one of the best albums of all time. I know. I know. Everybody knows this already. But I don’t even like her. Not Destiny’s Child. Not nothing. Never have. Lemonade is one of the best albums of all-time.

Hold Up (number three) brings in that island feel that I like so much. And yes because you can’t separate the music from the art installation that she attached it to (even though you totally can) here is the video. It rocks.

And yes Don’t Hurt Yourself is NUMBER ONE. And it features one of my favorite songwriters of all-time the great Jack White. (Zeppelin fans will recognize the drum opening from the song. He’s a big Jimmy Page disciple) There is no video and no audio. So I will end the list with number three.

#1 Don’t Hurt Yourself by Beyoncé 

No Audio

#3 Hold Up by Beyoncé

So that was kind of anti-climactic (thanks YouTube)

And here are my favorite albums

Top Ten Favorite Albums of 2016

Of course most of these artists are featured in my songs list but where they are not I try to include my favorite cut off the album as a little sample of their work. But being on this list means that I think that at least half of the songs on their latest album are perfect. Not just good. PERFECT.

#10 Fetty Wap by Fetty Wap 


This is a beautiful example of the beauty of Trap Music (from 2015, late again). Tight and rhythmic and dramatic and syncopated and nasty… lyrics notwithstanding. Fetty Wap is Trap. Trap is Fetty Wap. If you don’t know Trap, this is a good place to start.

Trap is like Horror Movie theme chords with nasty hi-hat & tight snare over the top and some deep bass shaking you to your core (you have to say that like qquwwwore)

#9  I Like It When You Sleep… by The 1975 


Cinematic and poetic and some of the best catchiest hooks and riffs and writing this side of Duran Duran, INXS, Early Third Eye Blind. But with poetry that makes those guys seem trite and hokey. The 1975 is deep. These lyrics pack a punch.

If you’re not crying after that, you need to listen to it again.

#8 Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd 


If Michael had a crown The Weeknd should have it sent out and fitted to his big fucking head because this is the new king of pop. No joke. (again 2015 but I’m slow you know)

Highlight: Dark Times (feat. Ed Sheeran)

No Audio.

#7 ANTI by Rihanna


I recognize that her sex appeal is off the charts but so is her talent and this album is amazing. Her best so far… pain and perfection and pain and perfection.

#6 Blackstar by David Bowie


This is not some posthumous, throw some accolades in his fucking grave, platitude. Blackstar is a fantastic last album and heartrendingly poignant and beautiful and prophetic. David Bowie goes out on top. An amazing artist to the end.

#5 Sometimes I Sit And Think… by Courtney Barnett 


Yes I know this is also from 2015 but it took a while to get to me from Melbourne, Australia. This is a rock album on par with the best from Pretenders, Lou Reed, Early U2 and Talking Heads. But this woman, Courtney Barnett, can write her ass off better than any of those acts. I kid you not.

Check this shit out.

Raw, powerful, genuine. I love this sound.

#4 Lady Wood by Tove Lo 


Tove Lo is an extremely talented Swedish singer who totally worships Madonna. You can hear it in everything she does, except she’s much better than Madonna ever was… and Madonna was amazing for a while. Tove Lo is honest and raw and dirty and infinitely dance-able and incredibly fuck-able. And I love the title.

#3 Malibu by Anderson .Paak


With each release, Anderson .Paak comes more and more into his own, into his talent. He ain’t even fully formed yet. He’s like that pie baking in the oven that’s ALMOST done but not quite. I mean the smell is all over the neighborhood and it’s beautiful and it’s funky as all hell. But give it a minute. The best is yet to come but I’m salivating now.

#2 Lemonade by Beyoncé


SURPRISE. That’s right, friends, one of the best albums of all-time is only the second best album of last year. But yeah Beyoncé hit it out the park. Who knew emotional pain and turmoil was good for songwriting? Everybody. Everybody knew that shit.

So that means the number one album of 2016 has to be…

Drum roll please…

#1  Awaken My Love by Childish Gambino


And why? Because of the courage. This is a rapper. An established act with a major following and he just released one of the funkiest R&B albums I have ever heard. He has always been the hook master. And he has always been the lyrics master. Now he is the funk master. If this isn’t up for album of the year I’m gonna send the Music Academy two thousand and sixteen hearing aids with the sound turned all the way up and the knob broken. But seriously, he’s way too talented. There’s a limit, dude.

I’m gonna end with this song. It’s kinda silly but very cool.

And that’s my music wrap-up for the year.

Have a

Happy New Year


– Mel


One thought on “2016 Year-End Music Lists (MEGA POST)

  1. I still can’t listen to all of Backstair, it’s too painful. Of all the famous deaths Carrie Fisher included, Bowie for me was the hardest to deal with and I haven’t still totally second with it. He was my introduction to that would define me to this day. My first recollection of him was him singing TVC15 in a blue dress looking like an secretary from a futuristic dystopian allegory. It blew my little 10 yearly mind! I had no idea what to think of it but it made a deep impression on me. Clause Nomi was one of the back up singers so you can imagine what artistic shocker it was. Years later when the new wave became more accessible, it was Bowie’s influence and that foundation that opened the door for me to The Talking Heads, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, The Smiths and of course The Cure!

    But it all goes back to Bowie! If it wasn’t for Bowie, modern music would have died with the Velvet Underground, a fact that I did not realize until after his death. There would have been no Punk, no New Wave, no New Romantic.

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