Spared or Spoiled Review: Ghostbusters

The rules are smiple. The good get spared. The bad get spoiled.

Ghostbusters (Columbia Pictures)


Directed by Paul Feig

Written by Katie Dippold & Paul Feig  Based on Ghostbusters by Ivan Reitman, Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis

Starring Melissa McCarthyKristen WiigKate McKinnonLeslie JonesCharles DanceMichael Kenneth Williams & Chris Hemsworth

The 2016 Ghostbusters reboot is a family fun time at the movies. Extremely funny. But it is nowhere near as good as the original. I think the main reason is the pacing. Paul Feig is no Judd Apatow. The jokes don’t come fast enough. There is too much time to catch your breath in between laughs. And Paul Feig is no Ivan Reitman. The action isn’t big enough. And there isn’t the grand city-wide spectacle of the original. But there are decent laughs, cool action and a number of surprise cameos of good guys and bad guys from the original film. The new cast is amazing. I’ve never been big fans of either McCarthy or Jones. Though both are very funny women, they’ve been known to take it a little too far. However Kate McKinnon is fantastic. Outrageously funny and very cool. And of course Kristen Wigg is amazing. She is so incredibly likable. Why is she not in everything? She’s like Drew Barrymore at her peak cuteness, if Drew Barrymore had comic timing, could do physical comedy and weren’t, well, Drew Barrymore (I like Drew. I don’t know why I said that). But you guys, Kristen Wigg should be in everything. She’s so fucking cute.

Kristen Wiig

Verdict: SPARED

And while you’re at it spare me from all the misogyny and sexism and awful comments and aggressive attacks from the petty little masculinity deprived angry little man boys who keep harassing famous women. You guys need to lose your internet privileges.


Ghostbusters 2016 is far from perfect. I think one of the annoying things about the new Ghostbusters is that the screenwriters set up moments from the original movie and you can’t help it, if you watched the first one as many times as I have, you can’t help but hear the original dialogue in your head. And you almost hope that the new cast use some of the old words. It’s a strange phenomenon. And of course they do not, and it’s sort of a letdown. There’s one point in the movie where I wanted to shout in my best Bill Murray, “Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” But I didn’t.

Kate McKinnon

I also wanted the movie to be sillier than it was. The cast, all four of these women, are notoriously silly. I wanted more silly. This cast is like if John Belushi and Garrett Morris were in the original movie with Aykroyd, Murray, Ramis & Hudson. This is a murderer’s row of funny women. The movie made me laugh but it should have even more. It needed more ad-lib scenes. It needed more Apatow. But in my opinion, with the exception of Bill Murray, who is one of the funniest people to ever walk the Earth, these ladies are even more talented than the original cast. That’s right I said it.

Bill Murray

Still I wanted the movie to be a little more crowd-pleasing. Ivan Reitman is the master of the crowd-pleasing action. Like in the first movie where the city hates them and then loves them and the cheers. I wanted more hero shit. But the action in the new Ghostbusters is full of holes. And the city of New York should play a greater role and doesn’t. It’s like Paul Feig didn’t know my city at all. But I kind of liked seeing his people popping up in small roles throughout the movie. You can tell they had a lot of fun making this.

Ghostbusters Kristen Wiig

Because Ghostbusters is a lot of fun. The movie is very funny. I think I just wanted it to be more over-the-top. More ad-libs. More craziness. More of all four of the new cast members playing off each other. Because what there was of that was amazing. The best parts are when there are just riffing with each other. Very funny. Very cute. Very silly. I just wanted more. I wanted more of everything. It just wasn’t enough for me.

Ghostbusters Kate McKinnon

Ghostbusters is a good reboot of the series. I hope they make a sequel and this time they let the stars stretch their comedy muscles. I definitely want to see these girls again.

– Mel

Ghostbusters 2016

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost.”


One thought on “Spared or Spoiled Review: Ghostbusters

  1. Great review. This movie is fun and funny, but you’re right, I really wish they would have let these amazingly talented actresses just cut loose. It felt like the film played it just a little too safe. I’m actually surprised this was just a PG-13 movie; I really thought it was going to be R. Maybe they’ll release a directors cut on DVD.

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