Captain America Civil War Trailer (of Awesome)

Okay kids.

This thing right here.

This is a motherfreaking trailer.

This is how you do it.

Civil War, baby!!!


Just heart-pounding, crowd-pleasing, butts in the seats getting perfection.

I was excited before, but now they got me watching the clock. Time is not moving fast enough. Iron Man vs Captain America is gonna kick Batman v Superman’s ass.

And the ending… I can’t even talk about the ending. Except to say, “Underoos…”


Can’t wait.

  • Mel

4 thoughts on “Captain America Civil War Trailer (of Awesome)

  1. SPIDEY!!!!!

    Marvel has Spidey back! It’s like you kid has finally come home from a being at school abroad for years. If they stay true to form Marvel will not fuck him up the way Sony had with the last two films. Those were a travesty man (and Toby’s last film was a mess)! And I love his costume. His webbing is printed on the suit the way it supposed to be. I always thought that the costumes for the previous movies (all of them) were a little too sophisticated for a high school kid to make on his own.

    I was not a fan of the comic of Civil War, it was one of the reasons I stopped reading comics. I hated the fact that Tony forced Peter Parker to out himself. I hope that’s doesn’t happen in this film. I always loved the fact that many of the characters knew who each other were, except Spiderman. He had more to lose that all the others. He had a family and a job like a person. He’s still a teenager in this, so to out him at this young age would be insane. In the comic, Spidey does side with Tony at first but soon realizes his mistake. The MCU in the comics gets totally fucked up from there. It was a good idea but actually not a good idea, I hope the MCU in the films rectify some of the mistakes that MCU in the comics made. That being said, the trailer makes this film look AWESOME!!!
    Worlds Finest? We’ll see…

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  2. I am so pumped for Civil War. I’m still trying to get amped up for Batman v Superman, but I’m already super excited for Civil War. I’m glad to see that Black Panther, Spider-Man and Ant-Man will be in this movie, and I’m really curious to see how this movie ends. Will Tony and Steve repair their relationship, or will this conflict spill over into the next Avengers films? This is going to be a great way to kick off the summer blockbuster season.

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