Batman v Superman (All the Trailers Footage cut together)

This is not so bad.

It makes me more hopeful of the movie being decent.

There’s a lot of good stuff here. A whole hell of a lot of bad. But a lot of good.

That’s a lot of footage. The movie is two and a half hours but there’s a good ten minutes of it right there. I kind of get the gist now and while it isn’t the movie I want to see. It might be alright after all. I just hate Zack Snyder so much. I can’t believe he’s doing Justice League too. Whatever.

What do you guys think?

– Mel


7 thoughts on “Batman v Superman (All the Trailers Footage cut together)

  1. Unless the reviews are terrible, I’m going to see this in the first week or two. I feel better about BvS being a decent to good movie after watching all of this. I’m liking pretty much all things Batman and Superman in these trailers, which should be the whole focus of this movie right? But the other pieces I still have questions on. Average won’t be good enough.And I can’t say that I’m super excited. The final act looks underwhelming. As for Zack Synder, even though I wasn’t huge fan of Man of Steel, I want to watch BvS first before I have thoughts about him taking on JL.

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    • Zack did 300 and Sin City and both were very good but he had a blueprint for each in the form of a graphic novel. Without that he is a mediocre director. I think DC is trusting too much of their cinematic future to his non-existent talent.

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  2. I have gotten more into Batman with the last trilogy and the recent games, so I’d like to watch this, but I assume I should tackle Man of Steel first? I know many didn’t like it (including you!), but I am wondering if MoS is required viewing before this one.

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    • If you want to know why Batman is so mad at him. But it looks like they flashback to most of it in BvS. Really if you don’t know the Superman origin story or if you want to establish a relationship wit the new Lois and Perry and Mrs Kent. I don’t see a reason to waste your time on it. I don’t think it’s required unless you’re just curious.

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