5 reasons I dislike The Oscars (and one reason I don’t)

This is a great list.

emmakwall (explains it all)


The 88th Academy Awards is taking place this weekend. And I enjoy stirring up trouble so thought it would be fun to tell you why I’m not into it.

Though I must add – I genuinely love all of your Academy Awards posts and Oscar love (and George Clooney) – so this is by no means meant to be taken seriously (though I am being serious and don’t call me Shirley).

Without further ado.

1.They’re unnecessary and smug. Most of the people nominated are presumably on some level doing their ‘dream job’ and earning fantastic money and if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio – shagging A LOT of Victoria’s Secret models. So, without sounding moody – why do they deserve extra praise? Aren’t they living the dream already?

No other industry does it. I certainly don’t remember the last time I was invited to the Annual Awards for Services to Auditing and Administration. Do you…

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Batman v Superman (All the Trailers Footage cut together)

This is not so bad.

It makes me more hopeful of the movie being decent.

There’s a lot of good stuff here. A whole hell of a lot of bad. But a lot of good.

That’s a lot of footage. The movie is two and a half hours but there’s a good ten minutes of it right there. I kind of get the gist now and while it isn’t the movie I want to see. It might be alright after all. I just hate Zack Snyder so much. I can’t believe he’s doing Justice League too. Whatever.

What do you guys think?

– Mel

Superbowl 50 Superhero Movie 30 Second TV Super Spots

The game was exciting. But you have to be a big football fan like me to think a defensive match was exciting. However it was the new movie trailers that made the night for me. There were others I’m leaving out here. Jungle Book, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, among them. But these are my favorites.

I even liked the Batman V Superman Turkish Airlines spots.

Check those out first.

And then moments later… (I would have separated them)

I really thought those were cute. And also the fact that they couldn’t get an American airline to do them is telling. But the movie could still be good I guess.

Next X-Men Apocalypse looks pretty wild. I love the Olivia Munn entrance. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

There certainly is a lot going on for 30 seconds.

But the biggest by far was the Civil War “choose a side” theme spot with #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan. We get to see the two sides defined in this one.

You can see the Good Guys on one side and the Bad Guys on the other. The Establishment on one side and the Rebellion on the other. I’m obviously Team Iron Man. Any team with The Vision on it is the team to beat.

And last but not least Jason Bourne. He’s a superhero. Deal with it.

I can’t wait for the return of Jason. I have all the movies on BluRay. And I love them all. And it sounds like Julia Stiles is back which is awesome. Can’t wait.

Nice bunch of mini trailers and they really got me more excited for all of these movies.

Nice jobs all around.

– Mel