Suicide Squad Trailer

I literally don’t know what to think of this. Help me out.

It’s a good trailer. I guess.

And a really great cast. Will, Jared, Margot, Cara, et al.


Soooooooo… I guess I’m excited.

The cast is the best thing about Suicide Squad so far. It looks like there are a bunch of explosions and a whole lot of crazy. And these are good things. But just like when Heath played the Joker, the first thing I missed was Mark Hamill’s voice, so with Margot Robbie it’s the same thing. I want her to sound like Arleen Sorkin so bad. I want her to say Puddin’. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if she wins me over. She’s sure hot enough.

I’m looking forward to this more than the Batman v. Superman movie.

A whole lot more.

– Mel


6 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Trailer

  1. I’m actually not very excited about this one, but in my case, it is not the cast’s or the trailer’s fault. For me, it comes down to the costuming. After watching both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger play the joker as a classy gangster, to see him portrayed as a street thug is a little off putting. But actually, my biggest issue is Harley Quinn’s costume. Here is a character who is a supervillain in her own right, and should have been able to gather fan excitement based on just her character’s inclusion, but instead she’s being forced to wear non-existent shorts while everyone else gets to wear full-length jackets. No wonder she’s crazy. She’s freezing.

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    • I kind of like the new take on the Joker. I think with the Joker you can almost do anything because there are really only two rules with him. The pasty white skin and that he’s a homicidal maniac. The Jack Nicholson and Heath ledger and even Cesar Romero Jokers are the classy trickster and gangsters but the Joker wasn’t always that. And since they’ve kind of rebooted everybody I can start over with the Joker. Maybe this is him in the early days.

      As far the Harley Quinn costume goes. I think that it’s in character. She’s always been the (how do I put this) the sexy and/ or girlish and disarming villain. Where the macho men either don’t think she’s a threat or are a little turned on and then boom she kills them like brutally. And we can go into the fact that comic books traditionally were targeted toward teenage boys but that’s no longer the case. And originally she was just a pretty sidekick. But I think you’re right in general as far as the systemic sexism of the entire industry. But I disagree with the order of your last two sentences. She’s not crazy because she’s freezing. She’s freezing because she’s crazy.

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  2. I am also more excited about this one than Batman v Superman. I don’t know a lot about the original comics, other than the references to the Suicide Squad on Arrow, so I’m curious to see what happens with this one. The cast also looks like a lot of fun.

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    • You can see the way they switched the release dates. Now Suicide Squad is the summer release and Batman v Superman is the early spring dead zone. But yeah I don’t know much about them either. I’ve never been a DC fan (except for Batman) So I know them as Batman villains. The first time I heard of them as a group was from Arrow as well. I hope there’s a good story and they don’t just rely on explosions. And I hope Batman v Superman surprises me but it’s looking less and less like it will.

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      • I’ve been more of a Marvel fan for a long time, so I haven’t gotten as excited about the DC Cinematic Universe (though I loved Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and the Arrow TV series). I’m nervous about Batman v Superman, especially the release date, because it makes me think they’re not as confident about it. Maybe Suicide Squad can help them find their niche.

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