Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thoughts (after a 2nd & 3rd viewing)


If you haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet, I hope you’re feeling better soon, but this post is full of spoilers. This is sort of a follow up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers and other Galactic Funk  I’ve seen it three times now and I would like to share some random thoughts. Very random.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Walt Disney Studios)

Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens poster

These are just notes. They are not in chronological order.

First I found this pretty cool:

When Rey tries to use the blaster for the first time and makes that cute mean shooting face but nothing comes out because she has the safety on, she looks down at the blaster. And then the stormtrooper shoots at her. And Rey dodges the blaster bolt without even looking up. It’s very cool.

Rey and Han from The Force Awakens

Another cool Force related no look move:

When Han Solo enters Maz Kanata’s bar she knows he’s there without turning to look. She has her back to the door but she senses his presence. She may not have been born with the Force but after a thousand years she’s picked up a few things.

Like when Maz tells Rey how to feel the force by closing her eyes and calming her mind, Rey remembers her advice when Kylo Ren tells her she needs a teacher (and that it should be him), But Rey remembers that she already has a teacher and tries what Maz showed her.

By the way, Maz Kanata is awesome. “Where’s my boyfriend? I like that wookie.”

Knights of Ren

Here’s an easy prediction:

I think the Knights of Ren are actually the students of Luke. And Kylo Ren, Luke’s best student, turned some to the Dark Side and killed the others. We should see them a lot in the next movie.

Instead of prequels, I hope this time around Star Wars finally uses flashbacks. I’d like to see some flashbacks to stories from Rey’s past and Kylo Ren’s past.

BB-8 Rollin'

“They see me rollin’. They hatin.” Suck it Neil Degrasse Tyson

Droid stuff:

It’s BB-8 who wakes up R2D2 when he arrives with the rest of the map to Luke. He bangs on R2 with his head. It just takes R2 a while to boot up after being in low power mode for so long. And I don’t care what Dr. Tyson says I think BB-8 is heavy enough not to skid on the sand. He’s very heavy even though he looks light as a soccer ball.

C3P0 mistakenly calls General Organa, Princess when Han first shows up. I think it’s because Han Solo reminds him of those old days.

star-wars-the-force-awakens Daisy Ridley

Back to Rey: (I told you these wouldn’t be in any order)

When Rey is selling parts for portions, she first gets one-quarter portion and seems okay with it. But are they measured by human portions? I’m guessing not. She makes a pretty good meal with it.

When offered sixty portions for BB-8, Rey responds, “The droids not for sale.” I like to think this is more like a slogan than a response. Droids Lives Matter. Droids aren’t second class citizens. The droids aren’t for sale.

My favorite part now is when Rey asks Finn if he’s with the resistance and he thinks and then answers, “Obviously.” and then stands up and says it emphatically, “I’m with the Resistance.” and then whispers it confidentially, “I’m with the Resistance.” That’s my new favorite part. John Boyega is excellent.

Rey and Kylo Ren

Rey and Kylo Ren’s saber fight is pretty spectacular, if you ask me. But it isn’t a “Yoda man” type prequels saber battle with the combatants flying around. And I’m glad it isn’t. The wasted movement is completely un-jedi-like in my opinion. Regardless of how much it makes the audience yell. I prefer a realistic fight with fantasy weapons.

The only good saber battle in the prequels is Darth Maal versus Qui Gong Jin and Obi Wan Kenobi. In fact that’s my favorite saber duel in all the films (sadly it happens in Phantom Menace). The others in the prequels are terribly flashy and with tons of wasted movement. My second fave is Luke vs Vader in Empire on Bespin. The fight between Kylo Ren and Rey is the best one since those two and probably my number three.

Another hope for the next movie. Because Rey uses a staff on Jakku, I hope when she makes her light saber that it’s like Darth Maal’s and has two blades and she wields it like a bo staff. That would make me so happy. That was always my weapon of choice.

Maz Kanata's Bar

Here’s a “no good swindler” thought:

When the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub tell Han Solo that there are no more people in the galaxy that he hasn’t swindled when they’re on The Eravana freighter, it rings true. Han Solo is old and not at all trustworthy. He throws that one guy into the mouth of that Rathtar without hesitation. This is the Han that shot Greedo before Greedo could get a shot off. He’s a bit of a dick, if you ask me. And when he tells Finn that he used to have a bigger crew, I don’t think it’s because the Rathtars ate them. I think it’s because Han was being a dick. (Can’t believe I wanted to be that guy)

The two Han Solo Millennium Falcon maneuvers, the first where he takes off from The Eravana at light speed and the second where he enters Starkiller Base planet’s atmosphere at light speed to avoid the shield, are reminiscent of Star Trek Enterprise maneuvers. Maybe it’s something J.J. got from his time with the franchise.

BB8 and Rey

Here’s something that made me laugh:

When the stormtroopers attack the village on Jakku in the first scene they come off the transports (like so much Normandy beach invasion). And one of the troopers accidentally shoots the guy in front of him in the back. And it’s clearly friendly fire because they put cover in front of him to let you know he’s not being shot from the front. Stormtroopers can’t shoot for shit (except for Finn).

Kylo Ren using the force

Here’s something I shouldn’t admit:

It took me three viewings to realize that Han and Leia named their son after Obi Wan Kenobi. Wow, I’m slow. Ben Solo… nice.

Quick note. I’m serious about this. Adam Driver should be considered for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. I kid you not. His performance and it’s nuance and just everything about it, is better every time I see it. Fantastic work, young man.

Rey The Scavenger

Really the entire movie gets better every time I see it. I guess that’ll reach a peak saturation point and it will level off but I’m guessing not any time soon and by that time I’ll probably be able to recite the whole damn movie by heart.

“So who talks first? Do you talk first? Do I talk?”

Rey and Finn from The Force Awakens

Noticed more recognizable bit player:

The girl who plays Chanel #3 on Scream Queens is on the Resistance base and has a line but then I looked her up (her name is Billie Lourd) and it turns out she’s Carrie Fisher’s daughter. Star Wars Nepotism. I love it.

The guy from Heroes who plays the telepathic cop is also a Resistance officer. Don’t know his name.

And Daniel Craig is the stormtrooper who Rey influences with the force (but everybody knows that one by now)

That’s all I got  I’ll probably have more after the tenth time I watch it.

– Mel


9 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens Thoughts (after a 2nd & 3rd viewing)

  1. I loved this post! I saw Star Wars again in IMAX over the holidays and liked it even more the second time around. I really love these new characters. It’s so awesome to watch Rey discover her new powers, and Kylo Ren is a great new villain (I love the fact that he’s Han and Leia’s son and that they borrowed that detail from the books). I read this quote from somewhere else, but I think it was from JJ Abrams, about how the title “The Force Awakens” refers to the birth of both a hero and a villain. Both Rey and Kylo Ren have a lot of raw power, and they are being pulled to opposite sides of the force. I’m excited to see more epic duels between these two as they hone their force powers. Finn is great also, I’m excited to see his friendship (maybe more) with Rey develop. I could go on and on…so much to love about this film!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Three times?!? Lol. You have me beat. But I do want to go a third time. Definitely! I love this movie the more I think about it. I think you’ve just made me love it even more! I think it’s funny you didn’t make the “Ben” connection immediately… Lol. 😉 Finn is hilarious! Love him. No one tops Rey, though. She’s the best. We like a lot of the same bits in this! Yeah, this is in my top ten for the year. It was ALMOST a tie for first place. Ha! 😉 But it’s a solid first place after my second viewing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I forgot that they called him Old Ben on Tatooine. (leavemealone) Another great Finn and Rey moment is on the Falcon when they’re trying to fix the gas leak. Actually it’s a great Finn, Rey and BB-8 scene. But when Finn asks about why she wants to go back to Jakku. And he says, “You got family there? Boyfriend?” and then he asks nervously, “Cute boyfriend?” He’s adorable. thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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