Deadpool Trailer (the good one)

First. Never been a fan of Deadpool. He breaks the fourth wall too much and I only find that funny in moderation. Also… OP much? But this looks brutal. I guess it has to be, in order for us to feel any sense jeopardy for the star. He’s indestructible but he can still get his ass kicked.

They put out two trailers. One censored and one not. Obviously this is not the fucking censored version. This is the one with the brutality and the cursing.

Why would you even cut the other one?

Things I noticed: They can change Ryan Reynolds jokes at anytime before release because his mouth is covered, which is a good thing. They can see which jokes work and which ones don’t, so this is probably going to be really funny.

Colossus looks kind of weird and not metallic at all, but whatevs he’s a difficult X-Men to reproduce on-screen.

And the February release means they don’t have to make this a crowd-pleaser but just try to make a good dramatic movie. Some of my favorite superhero flicks have been late Winter/ early Spring releases.

Summer movies have to be slick and spectacular. Christmas has to be fun for the family. But the early year supes are usually more dramatic and more, I don’t know, adult. Even Fall has to be watered down. So the perfect release window to let Deadpool be Deadpool is this one. This is when Winter Soldier and First Class came out and those are two of my favorites.

I think this movie is going to be surprisingly good.

– Mel


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