Arrow Season 4 Trailer

Have I mentioned to you guys how much I love Felicity yet?


Well anyway, this new Arrow season 4 trailer looks good.

Bring it. More Felicity goodness. And I love that actor who plays Damien Darhk. He was great in Justified. He plays a good bad guy. So excited. Can’t wait.

October 7th

– Mel


8 thoughts on “Arrow Season 4 Trailer

    • Yeah. Season three wasn’t my favorite either. But I did like the training stuff and the crossovers with The Flash. And I like my girl Speedy kicking ass. But the entire flashback story was pretty dumb.


  1. I’ve been waiting all season to see Felicity pick up that semi-automatic gun as shown in the trailer previewing the new year. I think this week’s episode is the one. Felicity and Oliver are finally on the same page and it is an example of letting two main characters have a romance and it doesn’t ruin the show…in this case it enhanced it!

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    • Exactly. A lot of shows have the “will they or won’t they” dynamic and as soon as the two characters get together their chemistry is gone. Team Arrow have handled it pretty well so far. It’s only been two episodes but it’s been a pretty good season so far.

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