Spared or Spoiled Film Reviews: Ant-Man

The rules are simple. The good get spared. The bad get spoiled.

Ant-Man (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


Directed by Peyton Reed

Written by Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish  Based on Ant-Man by Stan LeeLarry Lieber & Jack Kirby

Starring Paul RuddEvangeline LillyCorey StollBobby CannavaleMichael PeñaTip “T.I.” HarrisWood HarrisJudy GreerDavid Dastmalchian & Michael Douglas

This is a good movie. Funny, exciting, very funny, lots of heart, lots of superhero action. I really enjoyed Ant-Man a lot. It plays more like a heart-strings pulling comedy than a superhero action film. But if you go into it knowing that you’re seeing a comedy-adventure and not an action-adventure, you won’t be disappointed. But I think it needed just a little more salt because it was a bit too bland for me. But still I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Verdict: SPARED

For every bad thing Mel says about the movie I'm gonna kick you ass.

“For every bad thing Mel says about Ant-Man, I’m gonna kick you ass.” “Wait… what?”

I had a few complaints (Sorry Paul). Actually I had a lot of complaints. Most of them had to deal with continuity. Stupid questions like “Why’s the kid on the bed now?” “How did they get in the tank?” “Why is he back in the bathroom?” Stupid stuff that most people won’t notice or care about. But I do. And some complaints about the movie’s physics. But honestly, it’s a movie about a guy who can shrink down to the size of an ant while maintaining his density but not his weight. You can forgive a few lapses in logic and physical continuity. A few things grow. A few things shrink. A few things happen because the plot demands them to happen. Don’t think too much about the science (or continuity) and you’ll have a good time. You’ll see gaping holes large enough to drive a TANK through (heh heh) but you’ll still have a good time. It’s a good movie.


“Nice. Keep saying good things so she doesn’t kick my ass. I’ll be hiding in the suit.”

And I loved the cast. I absolutely loved Paul Rudd in this. He is the perfect Ant-Man. He was fantastic because he wasn’t too much Paul Rudd and yet he was the right amount of Paul Rudd. If you know what I mean.


“I’ll kick your ass in the suit little man.” “Okay… I’m getting out of the suit.”

Also Michael Douglas is amazing as Hank Pym (the first Ant-Man) as is Ant-Man’s best friend and celly from prison, Michael Peña. Who plays the movie’s comic relief (and is very very funny). I’m just not the biggest fan of Evangeline Lilly. She can’t act.

Not the biggest fan?

“Not the biggest… FAN… of Evan-geline… LILLY? Thinks… I can’t… ACT.”

Hold on. I believe Evangeline Lilly is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Like top three. Like top five at least. Gorgeous. Stunning. Like stunningly beautiful. But her acting is not… quite… the best (NOT IN THE FACE). And her hair in this is horrible. Really bad. And I get why her hair is like that. You get it by the end. But it just looks bad on her. However, she doesn’t ruin it for me. She doesn’t ruin the movie. Truly the only acting bug I found, that annoyed me, was the guy with the bad Russian accent. I mean really. What is this Boris and Natasha shit? But of course, Ant-Man is not about the performances.

ant-man suit

“It’s about the suit, right? Am I right? The suit. I’m right, right? The suit? Tell me it’s the suit.”

Ant-man is about the spectacular special effects. The fight scenes where he shrinks and grows and jumps around punching guys and dodging bullets and flying through the air… Amazing. The fight scenes are the best thing about this movie. And it’s a superhero movie so that’s what you want. Also what you want from a superhero movie (these days) are cameos from other heroes and Ant-Man has some good ones from TV and other Marvel films. The best one they gave away in the new TV spot but I’m not going to give it away here. (stick around for the after credits scenes though. It gets even better)

Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly from Ant-Man

“He said it gets better after the credits.” “I know. I just like kicking your ass.”

So what do we got? The story is good. The acting is good. The special effects are good. the fight choreography is good. And there are some pretty cool cameos. So it should be a pretty spectacular movie. Right? It is NOT a spectacular movie. Because it is badly directed. This is the perfect example of everyone doing their job well (which granted is also a sign of good directing) but the movie lacking that certain something. (Jenna: “Qua?” Thank you Jenna [I didn’t even have to tell her to say it]) It’s just a little bland. Like a chef using all your favorite ingredients but forgetting to season. Music choices, editing, pacing? It’s hard to put your finger on it but Ant-Man is a good movie that’s a little bland.

“Dude. You’re gonna get me killed here.”

However, having said that, I really liked the movie and after a couple of months of bad movies in the theater and on home video, it’s good to at last see something decent and fun and funny. It’s very funny. And this is Peyton Reed’s first action movie. Let alone his first major blockbuster. So he is forgiven for not knowing how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. And the fight scenes are awesome. Truly truly awesome.

Evangeline Lilly Ant-Man

“Yes. But what’s wrong with my hair? Let’s get back to that. So I can kick Paul’s ass some more.”

Ant-Man is a really good movie considering Evangeline Lilly’s bad hair (oof) and the director’s lack of experience with action movies (pow). It’s good. It’s good. It’s just not spectacular. And for Summer releases, you want spectacular.

– Mel


2 thoughts on “Spared or Spoiled Film Reviews: Ant-Man

  1. “He was fantastic because he wasn’t too much Paul Rudd and yet he was the right amount of Paul Rudd.” That says it perfectly. I had a lot of fun with this one. Call me crazy, but I actually liked it better than Age of Ultron. 😉

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