Batman v Superman Extended Trailer

Okay that’s crazy…

I don’t know what to say. It looks awesome. Like truly truly awesome but it also looks crazy. Like there is too much going on for one movie. Seriously. if it’s not three hours long, it’s gonna suck ass. I kid you not.

That’s just crazy… too much awesome… so yeah it’s gonna suck.


– Mel


3 thoughts on “Batman v Superman Extended Trailer

  1. Yeah it looks too good to be true. the problem I had with Superman was that the ending was just too much. Too overwhelming with no subtleties at all. It was like just throw everything at the screen, and I mean EVERYTHING! The great thing I loved about Nolan’s Batman trilogy was that he slowed down at times to take a look around. Plus Affleck is a very bad actor. Even if he does look the part he can’t act. He’s a great director but a bad actor. Gal Gadot is just too waif like for Wonder Woman. No matter how much muscle she puts on she doesn’t have enough weight too look powerful. But I will reserve final judgment till I see it.

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    • You’re right on all points. Affleck’s directing the next Batman movie is honestly a good thing. Affleck starring in the next Batman movie… not so much. Have you seen the leaked Suicide Squad trailer yet? It’s a cam from Comic Con but it looks good. I like Leto’s Joker. There was nowhere to go from Ledger. You needed a great actor. (Jared Leto is amazing) and you needed a departure from what Jack and Heath did. I like it. I hope he’s in Affleck’s Batman movie that would rock.


      • I think Leto was the best that they could have done. Ledger was so amazing, so original, so iconic that you have to go in a completely different direction to make it work and except for the tattoos (could be okay) Leto I think is the best man for the job. We’ll see how good the film is though.

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