Photos from Around the Block: The Cloisters

My trip to the museum continues with Inside The Cloisters. Warning: if you’re very religious you might want to take a chill pill before continuing with this post. We’ll wait…

I’m not making fun of your religion. I’m just having fun.


This chick nearly got me in trouble. Because my camera flash went off and there’s no flash photography inside. And she’s like “Oh you’ve given me a headache. I’m calling the guards. Guards?” I had to pay her off. I gave her a nickel. She was ecstatic.


The stained-glass didn’t need flash.

DSC_0775I took a few pics of the covered windows.

DSC_0797 Love the stained-glass windows. All the windows really…

DSC_0828But especially the ones without glass.


Screw the art. The building itself was gorgeous.


The doors and fixtures…

DSC_0767And shadowy places.

DSC_0826The ghosts that roamed the halls.

DSC_0825Look at these tiny doorways. These monks must have been tiny guys.

DSC_0843There are several chapels all throughout the place.

DSC_0824And of course, Jesus is prominently featured.


Here he is on a donkey… on a cart.

DSC_0778And there’s lots of Jesus and Mary combinations.

DSC_0811This was my favorite because Mary is all like “Don’t talk to that bitch, Jesus. We hate her.” But baby Jesus be all like “Hey girl. How you doin?”

DSC_0821Here’s Mary asking for a refund. “This Jesus has only one arm. I demand to speak to your manager. What sort of place are you running?”

DSC_0835Pay me no mind. I’m just being silly.

DSC_0816This guy knows what’s up. He’s just out playing Frisbee w/ his dog in this bad-ass cloak.

DSC_0800Here’s some art. And some people. There were people there too.

DSC_0777Here’s some treasure.


Here’s some dead people.


This dude was my favorite.

DSC_0827And this was my favorite picture.

I guess you can tell I didn’t read any of the descriptions. I was having too much fun to make it into a lesson. I live nearby, so I’ll probably go back. The gardens are beautiful. I didn’t want to take pictures in the gardens because all the people were chilling.

For my next trip I want to make it down to the actual Met. And see the permanent collection. Maybe get some pictures. Piss off some guards. You know, the usual.

Until next time,

– Mel


8 thoughts on “Photos from Around the Block: The Cloisters

  1. “Screw the art. The building itself was gorgeous.”

    Hehe, I love this line. The art looks priceless, but I love love LOVE that style of architecture, and the photo above that line I quoted is my favourite. That one and the last one look amazing 😀

    My home town (Adelaide, Australia) is filled with buildings of this style, I love the look of them. Seeing photos like these ones reminds me that I need to get out more with my camera!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Those are two of my favorites too. I hope you do take your camera out. And post ’em to your blog so we can get to see Adelaide. I bet it’s beautiful. Thanks for the comment.


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