Photos from Around the Block: A Trip to the Museum

I’ve been trying to get myself to go outside more. So I decided to take a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I checked Google Maps and came to find that the Met had a collection uptown near me at The Cloisters. I packed a lunch, my camera, my kindle, a little Taylor Swift on the headphones and I set off for The Cloisters… wish me luck.

DSC_0692Unfortunately there was this giant hill in the way and no easy way around it.


However, there was a tunnel… and an elevator…


And a park with a gorgeous view of the Hudson…


With extremely photogenic wildlife…


And gnarly trees…

DSC_0740And cool stairs and stuff. And it’s so close to my home I’m embarrassed I’ve never been.


They tell me it used to be a fort during the war. They called it Fort Tryon because the soldiers stationed would take turns modelling the clothing of any new visitors. (Don’t bother to look that up. Just believe me)

DSC_0870But the view from the top of the hill…


Through the trees…


Of the river on one side…

DSC_0886And my neighborhood on the other…

DSC_0872Made getting to the museum almost as much fun…


As the museum itself.

DSC_0880But don’t tell anybody that I liked the trip almost as much…

DSC_0715As the destination.

DSC_0736This guy knows what I’m talking about.

DSC_0755Still I arrived at The Cloisters without incident.

DSC_0851The walls were beautiful.

DSC_0847The windows and security cameras were beautiful.

DSC_0785I would have to make my way inside its hallowed halls to see the treasures within.

“What do you mean it’s closed for remodeling?”

Just kidding

– Mel

(pictures from inside The Cloisters coming up next)


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