What’s Good?

April 2015 edition.

This post is gonna be a mixed bag… A mixed bag of candy.


I had an old friend who used to greet everyone by asking, “What’s good?” but it wasn’t a question so much as an accusation the way she said it. I never had an answer for her. Not once. It was always annoying when she asked it; What’s good? I think the most she ever got from me was a head nod. We’re no longer friends (something I would point out if she asked again)

“Yo, Mel Rook. What’s good?”

That you and I are no longer friends. What’s good with you?

But I am going to answer her question now. And name my new blog series in her honor.

What’s Good? A top ten of things I’m enjoying or have enjoyed recently. In TV and Movies and life and junk. You get the picture.

To the list…


I’m glad you asked.

Community Season 6

Community Season 6 on Yahoo! Screen is good: The same Community, with a lot of the same faces, getting into the same sorts of trouble, I even like the new people. So happy they found a place to land. Thanks Yahoo.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netfilx is good : It’s funny, zany, impossibly cute and colorful, yet still a bit raunchy, silly, oh so very silly. I loved this show. Although a month later I still can’t get the damn theme song out of my head.


iZombie on the CW is good. iZombie is really good. Part Buffy, Part Veronica Mars, Part Walking Dead. A murder mystery of the week type show with a zombie twist. Love it.

Better Call Saul was good. It’s over for now but it was very good. Bob Odenkirk is gonna at least get a nomination for best actor. This is like an origin story… two of them actually. This is the beginnings of the Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut we knew from Breaking Bad. Great writing and great directing.


Marvel’s Daredevil is incredibly good. Just all kinds of good. Brutal, violent, very cool, faithful to the comic and… it’s just really fucking good alright. So good I had to savor it. Can’t take all that awesome at one sitting.

Death Cab for Cutie – Kintsugi is a good album



Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly is a good album


Baseball Season is here and Spring, and it is good. It’s getting nice outside here. I’ve made plans to get out more. Maybe even get out to the ballpark.

Matt Harvey

Making Plans is good… I guess. The problem with plans is that The Fates (those guys) always have a way of saying, “Fuck Your Plans.” somewhere between my making them and my executing them.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

But I’m still planning some museum trips and going out to the ballgame and taking more pictures and getting outside in the sun. Maybe even taking my bike out. Wish me luck.

And finally… What’s good?

This girl right here. That’s what.

Conway – Attack

Love this song. Attack! Attack! Attack!

And now… for everything there is a dark side.


…or 5 things that recently sucked.

Powers on Playstation Plus is NOT good. The acting, the writing, the whole damn thing is just so very cheesy. I watched 4 episodes and I couldn’t continue. The effects are so bad. The acting is so bad. The show is not good. It stars the guy who voiced Chappie…

Speaking of which.

Chappie is crappy

CHAPPiE was not good. I wrote a review for this movie but decided not to post it because it was all just curses and screaming about how shitty the movie was. The cutesy robot and the bad acting, the horrible accents, the horrible AI. The robot acts like an infant when it’s turned on. Why is this? Why does he keep wiping his nose? Robots are for Science Fiction not Fantasy. They might as well have spilled Coca Cola on his motherboard or chanted an incantation to bring the robot to life. CHAPPiE was not good.

House of Cards Season 3 on Netflix is NOT good. It feels like they ran out of stories. Season one was amazing. Season two was even better. But I feel the quality dipped substantially this last season. Snooze-ville.


The Second Draft of my novel is not good. The First Draft is better than the second draft. Now I don’t know if I should throw out the second and work from the first again or try to improve the second with a third. I’m going in the wrong direction. It’s supposed to get better not worse.

My Landlord & Owner Fighting is not good. The agency I rent my apartment from and the building management are in a “heated” legal battle. I’ve been told it wouldn’t affect me but the games are annoying. I complained about the heat once last year because my cat was sneezing and so this winter the landlord cranked the boiler up so high that the hot water was boiling out of the tap and the pipes scorching, like they’re trying to smoke me like cured meat. I feel like beef jerky. It was so freaking hot this winter. It warped my acoustic guitar to the point where it’s practically unplayable. Somebody owes me a guitar.

But so as not to end this first What’s Good installment on a bad note, here’s Conway’s new song Attack again. This time the album version from the video.

I can’t stop playing this song now. I can’t stop playing this song LOUD. Crank it up.

Coming Soon to What’s Good: Avengers Age of Ultron, Game of Thrones Season 5, Mad Men’s final 8 shows and The Mets winning in April. 

Coming Soon to What’s Not so Good: Justified finale (depending on how it ends), Person of Interest (If they don’t get their shit together) and Me not leaving the house.

Until next time,