Spared or Spoiled Film Reviews: Big Hero 6

The rules are simple. The good get spared. The bad get spoiled.

Big Hero 6 (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Big Hero 6 Poster Baymax

Directed by Don Hall & Chris Williams

Written by Jordan Roberts, Dan Gerson & Robert L. Baird  Based on Big Hero 6 by Man of Action

Starring Ryan PotterScott AdsitDaniel HenneyT. J. MillerJamie ChungDamon Wayans, Jr.Génesis RodríguezMaya RudolphAlan Tudyk & James Cromwell

Big Hero 6 is a fun animated action adventure about a group of geniuses that form a superhero team after their friend is killed. It features all of your garden-variety nerds and a big robot. It’s a pretty cool movie. Big Hero 6 gets a little dumb at times but it’s a movie for kids. There is not a lot in it for adults. In my opinion the best kids movies are the ones that remember at least a third of their audience will be adults. But even with little to offer us older viewers, it’s still a fun and exciting movie.

Verdict: SPARED

Hiro and Baymax

First of all, I thought the robot sounded so much like Chris Colfer from Glee that I was sure it was him. Baymax, the robot, is played by Scott Adsit. I find that I spend a lot of the time during animated films trying to figure out who’s voicing the characters. So much so that I can take myself right out of the movie. I have to look it up. I wish they would tell you up front. But that might just be me.

Disney's Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a Saturday morning cartoon style movie. It is extremely cute. If not a little cutesy. But the robot is the best part. He is funny because he’s so nice. He’s the anti-Batman. He is friendly to a fault. And really that’s the biggest draw of the movie. That the robot is incredibly nice. It’s funny and it’s cute.


There are a few exciting action sequences and fights. A bunch of cool tech created by the nerds to fight crime and the obligatory clueless guardian. She’s sweet and she cares but she’s incredibly clueless. Um, lady. Excuse me but your kid’s out fighting crime again. But if she weren’t a clueless parent there would be no movie.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is mostly about the youngest genius in the group, a thirteen year old college student named Hiro. He’s cool but he’s thirteen. But he’s a genius, so it’s okay. His four friends are never fully fleshed out in the film (the first of a series, I’m guessing). But they represent all the colors of the nerd rainbow cliché. There’s the black nerd and he’s also the large nerd but since he’s large and black, he’s also the most timid of the group (taste the rainbow). There’s the tough girl who is also a speed demon, so she’s the best driver in the group and her catch phrase is “Woman up.” (taste the rainbow). There’s the slacker dude who has a dead-end job and hygiene problems. So twist, he’s incredibly wealthy (rainbow). And lastly the other girl. Not the tough girl. The other one. The girly girl. She’s the voice of reason. You know the types. They’re all here.

Hairy Baby

And they call themselves Rainbow 6. Just kidding. It’s Big Hero 6. A fun family movie. Not a lot for adults but still pretty good. However, and I can’t stress this enough, it is nowhere near as good as The Lego Movie. Yet it was nominated for Best Animated Feature while The Lego Movie was not. Is it because of the toy franchise tie-in? Is it because of the crowd pleasing humor? Is it because of the animation style? The money it made? Why? Why would The Lego Movie not be nominated? It makes no sense. I’m going to watch all the movies nominated for Best Animated Feature and try to figure this out.

Big Hero 6 is a good movie and a lot of fun, but it’s no The Lego Movie.

– Mel


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