A Year of Female Filmmakers

Veronika's film reviews

Ever since a shocking and utterly disappointing percentage of last year’s woman directed films came out at Indiewire at the beginning of the year, I felt it was necessary for me to write a Female Filmmakers Appreciation Post. However, the fact that Hollywood’s even more gender-biased than I ever dared to assume, inspired me to start A Year of Female Filmmakers, where I’ll try to watch as many female directed and/or written films in 2015 as possible (I came to the realization that I actually haven’t seen many of them and I’m also pretty certain that at least 98% of the films I watch every year are written and directed by men). There’s a list of films created by women below (ranked, by my preference) that will be updated each month until the end of the year (films that I’ll watch this year will be listed in a different colour; you’ll find a legend of…

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