Amorality Tale 2: The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

To Whom It May Concern,

Each of the Seven Deadly Sins comes with a built-in punishment. An inescapable, fully-automatic, non-negotiable built-in punishment.

Greed is accompanied by Fear every time. A fear of losing the things desired. So there’s the need for guns and locks, a mote, wall, dragons and no peace. Because to the greedy person everyone else is out to take the things that they have. They can’t enjoy it for fear of losing it. And what they thought would be freedom, isn’t freedom at all. They are instead held hostage by a lifestyle. Forced to do all manner of horrible things to people in order to maintain that lifestyle. It is a constant.

Fear and mistrust go hand in hand with greed. Not money in general but the love of money. An amoral greed that will stop at nothing to have everything. And it is our ignorance of their inner turmoil that they use to justify their bad behavior. It always astonishes people to know that the poor have more moments of happiness than the wealthy. And it is the wealthy that are in desperate need of our help. They need an intervention and a rehab. Maybe a good deprogramming. Wealth is a drug. And like a drug it’s that first bit that feels good but after that you’re just chasing it and feeling nothing.

Lust leads to Dehumanization every time. There is nothing wrong with sex but there is something wrong with seeing other humans as sex objects. This is more common in men but it can be women to men, men to men or women to women. It’s just more often men, even though lust doesn’t discriminate. And what is at risk when letting lust control your every interaction with a gender is a denying of the humanity of half the world. Your gender preference, this huge well of knowledge and experience and human kindness and compassion is reduced to a fuck puppet, sperm donor or baby incubator.

We see this play out in the extreme patriarchal societies where the only solution they can think of is to blow shit up. With women in positions of power you get other ideas. You get the feminine and the masculine. We’re all supposed to work together. One is not here to be the sex toy of the other. From societies that tell women to shut up and look pretty, to those that tell them to shut up and cover themselves from head to toe so they DO NOT look pretty, it is that uncontrolled lust and objectification that leads to dehumanization. And what you get is half a life. What you live in is half a society, half a world. And frankly it’s a bland, boring, stupid and violent half.

Wrath brings Pain every time. Plain old-fashioned pain. Anger is destructive. Not hatred but anger. Take the mosquito that lands on your arm. You can hate what it’s doing to you. Not a big epic hate. It’s just a mosquito. But then you form the resolve to repel it or to kill it. But on the other hand you could get angry with the mosquito and swat it as hard as you can, maybe even make contact but then you’re hitting yourself aren’t you.

Anger destroys everything it touches. Not just the thing you’re angry with but anything in the vicinity including you. Your peace of mind. Your image to those who witness it. Your love, your life, your health. Rage brings nothing but pain. And since rage is a reaction to pain, it just feeds itself.

Gluttony ends in Poverty every time. Most people look at gluttony as being just about food but it is not just about over-eating. It’s about wasting. Using up resources that could benefit others. Using up more than you need. Wasting food and energy without concern for who is not eating or living in the dark. And again, it’s something that the wealthy do to convince others that they are happy. But all they really do is annoy the world and the people around them.

Excess is not fun. It’s disgusting. And it makes the people around them, the ones who have to live without because of those who want more than they can honestly consume, it makes them hate. And hate is a sense of resolve to bring about change. A resolve to take everything they have and leave them with nothing.

Sloth precedes Death every time. Inactivity brings obesity and obesity brings death. And you may think that obesity should be listed under gluttony. It’s not gluttony that makes you fat, but sloth (for the morbidly obese it’s really a combo platter). Yet in our stories there is always the big fat guy. The powerful man who sits on a huge bed or travels around in a truck. Or the jolly, likable, morbidly obese character that everybody likes. You never see the clean up. You never see them removing a wall to pull out his bloated carcass after his heart fails in the first act.

I don’t know when we started to romanticize obesity but it has to stop. It leads to death Every… single…. time. There are studies done frequently that show that human beings need to stay active to stay alive. But there are still people who are actively trying to make themselves fatter and fatter. And the people around them are enablers. It’s more like an assisted suicide… by food… and sloth.

Pride comes before Failure every time. Confidence is useful. But overconfidence is harmful. The most efficient people are the ones who think a mistake is right around the corner. This trend of the impossibly confident and ruthlessly efficient, disturbingly perfect character is a lie. Overconfidence leads to failure every time. So much so that one of the best ways to defeat someone is to make them think that they can’t lose. But we praise mediocrity so much that the line has been moved gradually toward the unproven. So that now folks are full of pride before they’ve even accomplished a thing. They’re full of themselves and their perceived talent practically from birth these days.

But if you ask the masters of discipline, the ones that do it and do it well, they will tell you about that thing that they’re still working on and what they wish they could do better. And how much they fear failure. Because in reality the person who gets everything right is the one who sweats out every last detail. The person who worried and worked. Everybody wants to be the super-cool confident guy who’s good at everything. But he doesn’t actually exist. Shhhhh Don’t wake them up. They’re dreaming of being great at something but have never worked at being better.

Envy goes hand in hand with Mistrust every time. Envy is a jealousy of what someone else posseses and it is accompanied by a distrust of other people’s motives. If you’re looking in someone else’s yard to see what they have, then you think they’re also looking in yours. And we see this play out in politics all over the world. It’s us against them and they have something we don’t. Those people have it better than us and it makes us mad. Not because they are wealthy or in power but because they’re our next door neighbors and dammit we deserve the same shit as they have.

Go ahead and ask someone why their co-worker or peer doesn’t like them. Or why the two don’t get along. And you’ll always get the same deluded answer, “They’re just jealous.” Because to the envious everyone else is jealous, and to the jealous everyone else is envious. And to them, no one is deserving of trust because deep down they know that it’s them who aren’t trustworthy. And believing that everyone else is the same is the only way they can live with themselves.

Thank you for your attention,


– Mel

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