Five New Songs I Couldn’t Stop Playing in 2014

I don’t talk about music enough on my blog. I’m a huge music fan. I listen to all types of music. These days it’s mostly Miles, Mozart and Zeppelin and not a lot of new stuff, except when something new hits me hard and I can’t stop playing it.

In 2014 there were a few great albums released by Pop Acts, Rock Bands and Rap Artists. And while I love other kinds of music as well, as far as the new stuff goes, in 2014, this was what I listened to.

Sonic Highways

This was a hard list to compile because most of the new stuff I listened to in 2014 was released in 2013. Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail (BBC), The National’s Trouble Will Find Me (yes I’m talking about Graceless) and Because The Internet from Childish Gambino. I had to make an exception for that last one though.

Here are my Top Five Favorite Songs released in 2014.

To the list…

Number Five.

This is Where You Can Reach Me Now by U2 from the album Songs of Innocence

There were more than a few people annoyed by this free album from one of the most successful bands in the history of music. I was not. It isn’t one of their best collections but it’s pretty good, it’s free and this song, I just couldn’t stop playing it.

Here’s the audio:


Number Four.

Clean by Taylor Swift from the album 1989

Taylor’s been taking down unauthorized copies of her songs. I love the song Clean that she wrote with Imogen Heap (another of my faves) but I can’t share it.

The whole album is sensational. I’ve been a fan of hers from nearly the beginning and while usually she’s good for one amazing song per collection (sometimes two), with 1989 she reversed that and instead of two good songs, there are maybe two or three bad ones and the rest are some of the best stuff she’s ever done.

But my favorite of her songs is still Fearless from the second album (or was it the third). Maybe she’ll release Clean as a single in 2015. If so I’ll put it on next year’s list. It’s the best song on an incredible album.

But in the meantime here’s the Blank Space music video (also very good but no Clean)


Number Three.

Coffee by Sylvan Esso from their self-titled album

Electro-pop isn’t normally my cup of tea (or coffee in this case) but the song Coffee just resonated at a frequency that I enjoyed in 2014. I saw Sylvan Esso on some talk show (I think it was Conan) and I couldn’t stop playing this song.

Here’s a strange but wonderful music video:


Number Two.

Outside by Foo Fighters from the album Sonic Highways

I’ve been a huge Foo Fighters fan from the beginning. When it was just Dave playing all the instruments. I was disappointed by this album and by the HBO series that went with it.

Somewhere along the way Dave Grohl decided to stop writing songs that mean something and just release word salad sandwiches. Sonic Highways is the epitome of word salad. Where Dave throws together lyrics that have little to no connection to other lyrics and calls it a song. It is lazy song writing.

However, Outside is a great song and I can’t stop playing it. And that’s because it really rocks. And Joe Walsh’s guitar solo is tasty good.

Here’s the audio:


Number One.

3005 by Childish Gambino from the album Because The Internet

This album was released in 2013 but this single was from 2014. The album is beyond good and one of the best from that year but this here is the best song on the album and I have played this song to death for about a year and a half. I love this video too.

Here’s a great music video for a great song:


And those were my favorite songs from last year.

But if I were to pick my favorite new albums from 2014, Taylor Swift’s 1989 would be at the top of the list followed closely by Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint and The New Classic from Iggy Azalea.

Taylor for the reasons I stated earlier and because the album is sensational and she’s going to win ALL the Grammy’s (All of them.. bring a wheel barrel, girl). Nicki has also released her best work late last year. The Pinkprint is fantastic from beginning to end. There is a song called Grand Piano for which I hope she puts out a single. And Iggy. Poor Iggy. She gets a lot of crap. The New Classic is awesome. Especially the song 100…

Here’s the audio track:


I hope all the links worked. I’ll try and update them if they stop working.

And I hope you enjoyed my five favorite songs released in 2014

Until next time,

– Mel


2 thoughts on “Five New Songs I Couldn’t Stop Playing in 2014

  1. Some great tracks here. My tastes have changed a bit over the years so I’m not quite as into U2 and Foo Fighters as I once was. I really like those Sylvan Esso and Childish Gambino songs. I had not even heard of Sylvan Esso before, but based on that track it seems right up my alley! Will have to give the full album a listen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah there are a few really good songs on the Sylvan Esso album. U2 and Foo Fighters are just shadows of what they used to be but for most of the late 80’s and the late 90’s that was almost all I listened to. Thanks for the comment.


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