Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Teaser Trailer)

I was watching this one minute teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie and suddenly I heard someone yell out “Hell fucking yeah!” at the top of his voice.

It was me.

I cannot contain my excitement.

(Google Chrome spell corrected excitement to excrement… you know me so well Google)

Stormtroopers, Landspeeders, X-Wing Fighters, The Millennium Falcon…

I have to go change my pants.

– Mel


4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Teaser Trailer)

    • phantom menace? way to bring down the mood, Alex. no recognizable ships or uniforms. all pm had was jedi and lightsabers. that was hardly a star wars movie at all. this has all the stuff from the original films. it’s okay to be excited.


  1. I watched this during a break at work and had to stifle a fan girl squeal so I didn’t freak out everyone else at the office. 😉 I love the look of the movie; it feels like classic Star Wars but also with the promise of something new.

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    • Yeah I think the desert planet (maybe Tatooine) and the ice planet (Hoth? Probably not) make this feel like the first two movies. And then of course, The Falcon. Can’t wait for a full trailer.


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