Photos From Around The Block (Return to University)

I had to make another appointment today. So I was forced to step outside my “comfort zone” (aka my home). As always I took my camera with me. Unfortunately, it rained and I didn’t get a lot of good shots but I will post the ones I got.

This time out, it was the eye doctor’s. I’m either reading or staring at a screen all day. And I don’t do enough eye stretching (when you look away from the screen and focus long focus short and focus long again). So my eyes are getting pretty screwed.

This is the way my camera sees the world…

Subway Candy Stand

How my camera sees the world.

And this is how my eyes see it…

Subway Bizzarro Candy Stand

How I see the world without glasses.

Not really but I still need new glasses.

My ophthalmologist is near Columbia University so most of these are of the campus and students. Even the more famous ones.

I saw this brave woman…

Raped on this Mattress

Emma Sulkowicz and her burden.

She was raped on this mattress and now she carries it with her everywhere to raise awareness and also in protest. As of my writing this, her alleged rapist has not been charged with anything.

It’s been two decades since I was in college but not a lot has changed.

To the pics…

Columbia Statue

First off. I saw this woman here. She really likes her book. What you got there, lady?

Yellow Bike

I saw a big yellow bike, today. With very tassely saddlebags.

Street Flowers

And of course, I saw the obligatory street flowers.

Oh yeah and I saw Batman

Oh yeah. And I also saw Batman.

Wait for him...

No seriously, I saw Batman. Wait for him…

There he is!

There he goes! Who knew Batman went here.

Keep off the grass. No seriously it kills brain cells.

Keep off the grass, students. Keep off the grass. No seriously, it kills brain cells.

Libraries don't kill brain cells. They promote brain growth.

Big beautiful libraries don’t kill brain cells. Nope. Quite the opposite.

Crowded Farmer's Market

There was a farmer’s market there. I’d show you If this guy would get out of the way.

Farmer's Market

It was crowded but there was lots of good stuff out there.

Farmer's Market

You can’t really see what they’re offering in this picture. I’ll try to get closer.

Journalism School

The surveillance state in full effect. Somehow, I think Joseph Pulitzer would approve.

She's not reading that book.

Just realized something… She’s not reading that book. She’s showing it to us.


The school of journalism… NO PICTURES!!!


I think I’ve snapped this church from a different angle before.


This pic is pretty gothic.

Creepy Building

If I were Batman. I would be up there. But I’m not…


Ooh exotic fruits & vegetables at the farmer’s market.

Farmer's Market

And the fruits & vegetables we’re more used to seeing.


I like this shot of the neighborhood buildings.

My Favorite Shot

But this one was my favorite.

That’s all I got.

It started to rain.

I went home.

Next time,

– Mel


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