Edge of Tomorrow: A Spoiler-free Review

Edge of Tomorrow (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Edge of Tomorrow

Directed by Doug Liman

Written by Christopher McQuarrieJez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth  Based on All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka

Starring Tom CruiseEmily BluntBill Paxton & Brendan Gleeson

There isn’t an actor alive who can get me into the theater just by having his name on the marquee. Not Will Smith or Liam Neeson or Tom Hanks. And not Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise Bill Paxton

“You’re Tom Cruise? That’s it, man, game over man. Game over.”

But dammit, when Tom Cruise does Science Fiction, I am there with bells on. The man knows a good sci-fi script when he reads one. And once he is attached, everybody else involved steps up their game. Casting, directing, editing, special effects…

Emily Blunt Tom Cruise

“These packs are heavy.” “Yes I know.” “I’m getting paid more than you.” ” Yes I know.”

More than a few of my favorite films are science fiction movies that star Tom Cruise. And Edge of Tomorrow is no exception. It is an awesome piece of entertainment.

Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow

“You’d think with as good an eye as I have for Science Fiction, I’d know that Dianetics is just cheesy sci-fi bullshit… now who do I sue?”

I had an idea of what to expect from the trailer and I was excited. I love the Groundhogs Day time travel story. And I know it predates that movie but Groundhogs is by far the most popular version. Star Trek: The Next Generation made great use of the repeating day. And so did Buffy The Vampire Slayer (to a lesser but infinitely funnier extent).

Edge of Tomorrow Jump

“Express elevator to hell. Going down.”

The prematurely cancelled Daybreak had an interesting take where the afflicted not only carried their memories through the reset but their injuries as well. (that was brutal and I loved it) Death is not the reset in most of them, it is time. At a particular time of day the world resets and we start again. When it is well-done, it rocks.

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise

“I’m getting too old for this shit.”

In Edge of Tomorrow, death is the only reset. Which makes for a lot of really cool deaths.

Tom Cruise Emily Blunt Reset

“You have been accused of crimes against nature and crimes against humanity. What do you have to say for yourself?” “Um… do over.”

As in Groundhog’s Day, Tom Cruise has a lot to learn and all the time in the world to do it. Tom does an amazing job once again. It is rare for him to turn in a half-assed performance. Hell, it’s rare if he lets anybody working with him turn in a half-assed performance. Tom is amazing as always. Emily Blunt is wonderful (OMG that body). Her Personal Trainer deserves an Oscar all his own.

Emily Blunt

“Yes. I look like a badass in this movie. What’s it to you? You can blame Linda Hamilton and James Cameron for that. Women who kick ass in movies have to look like it now.”

Edge of Tomorrow is exactly as advertised. Action. Aliens. Epic Battles, Time Travel, The Evolution of a the main character from a sniveling coward into Major Kickass and Great Tech; The armor suits are cool as hell. I loved it. Doug Liman has done a fantastic job and made a great movie with all kinds of James Cameron nods throughout. To me, Edge of Tomorrow is as good as The Bourne Identity.

"Come and find me when you wake up."

“Come and find me when you wake up.”

Go see Edge of Tomorrow while it’s still on the big screen. The battles alone are worth the price of admission. But the story. The characters. Emily Blunt’s (Cloud Strife like) mega blade, her ready-for-combat body transformation and Tom motherfucking Cruise make it worthy of IMAX 3D (That’s right I said spring for the big package.. ain’t nobody playing).

Live. Die. Repeat.


Bottomline: Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie.


– Mel


6 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow: A Spoiler-free Review

  1. Cruise and sci-fi go together great. Oblivion was a tad sterile but very watchable. Now you have me racking my brain on the Buffy episode that used this same concept. Good review and thanks for keeping it spoiler free, hope to see this soon.


    • Here’s a hint. In the episode, the bad guys, actually talk about the Star Trek episode and do Monty Python voices.

      Yeah I read reviews all the time that give the plot of the movie and not the ending but the way I see it, if it’s something they don’t tell you in the trailer, it’s a spoiler. So my reviews don’t offer a lot of information. Only my opinion on elements of the film and whether or not the trailer is lying to you. That’s what I call spoiler-free.


  2. Great review! I saw this one yesterday and really loved it as well. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt were great as the main characters. I wasn’t expecting there to be as much humor, but I loved it, and the battle scenes were great. The time loop aspect was handled really well and never got to convoluted or repetitive. Fun film!


    • Some people say they don’t like the ending. I like it because it leaves room for a sequel. There are so many cool places they could take it. Thanks for the comment.


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