The Return of Photos from Around the Block

Spring has sprung and so has the long awaited return of my Photos from Around the Block series. I went outside. It was lovely. Then I remembered that I haven’t taken pictures in a while. So I went back inside to get my camera but my camera battery was dead so I had to recharge it. Then it rained. It rained a lot.

But today was a great day. So I took some crappy pictures. I discarded the worst of them and this is what was left. I’ll get better at it. I promise. But I have to post these because I need to get out more and snapping pics seems to be an excuse that works on me.

So I’m going to put up these adequate ones. They will annoy me and make me want to put up better ones. In order to do that, I will have to go out and take more. It’s a game we play.

So without any further ado… The Return of Photos from Around the Block.

It was windy. I was trying to capture the wind. Flag. Wind. 'nuff said.

It was windy. I was trying to capture the wind. Flag. Wind. ’nuff said.


Then I wanted to show Spring. Flowers are so Spring.

Down at the Park

Down at the park there are hints of pink.

There's a big rock up at the top of this hill.

There’s a big rock up at the top of this hill.

The girls are here.

The girls are here…. the girls have left.

Home is a tree.

Home is a tree and a tree is a home.

A lonely rose

A lonely (out of focus) flower.

Nice blue sky

Some of my old favorite houses under a nice blue sky.


Bloomage. You just gotta love the bloomage

It's a Dunkin Donuts kinda sky

It’s a Dunkin’ Donuts kinda sky

Chasing the springtime sun

Birds chasing the springtime sun.

Puffy clouds

Puffy clouds through the branches.

...I lived on, flew on in the reflected sky

…and I lived on, flew on in the reflected sky

Up the hill backwards

Up the hill backwards. Not all of the trees have begun their spring.

church, plane... end

Big church, tiny airplane… the end.

That’s all I got this time but I’ll be back.

– Mel


5 thoughts on “The Return of Photos from Around the Block

  1. I always like your photo sets, they make me feel good. Those are tulips not roses though but nice pics. Especially after the winter we’ve had.

    Hey are you no longer on Facebook? I can’t find you there.


    • I meant rose as in “Spring’s first rose” but forgive me for trying to be poetic. I will look up the latin name of every flower from now on just for you. JK. I closed my facebook account. The platform has serious flaws. They censor comments and content by deciding who can and cannot see posts. There was a time when FB was a giant free-for-all now it is a circle jerk. They have grouped people into pens and I don’t like it. HuffPo was doing the same shit. So I dropped them too. If I only wanted to talk to people who already agreed with me I wouldn’t be on the internet.


      • Sorry about the flower thing, I didn’t mean to be a pedantic a-hole, it just comes out that way sometimes. I’m from Queens whatta’ya’want? 😉

        That’s too bad about FB, I haven’t found that for myself but I probably didn’t use it the same way you do. I post only once in a while, one site for Kung Fu biz and the other just keep in touch with family and friends.

        The reason I ask is that I want to share something with you to get your opinion. Also I thought it was cool and you might like it too. It’s a Youtube series so how can I send it to you?


      • I’m on YouTube I’m on Google Plus. Hell you can drop a link here if it’s not too personal. You’re right FB made everything easy. It was just a slap in the face to political discourse when they decided to separate the left and the right. Facebook knows us because IT DOES but putting everybody who agrees in a little group so they can jerk-off together is not what the internet is about.


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