Top Ten TV Mega Post in Ten Parts (3/10 Cable Comedies & Cartoons)

This is part three of my ten part TV mega post and it features my ten favorite cable comedies and cartoons and also the word hilarious. I use it a lot.

I got a DVR with ten times the capacity because I watch a lot of TV.

Armisen and Brownstein

“That’s hilarious.”

Don’t start.

All ten of these shows I’ve talked about in earlier posts. And all of them are amazing. Six are animated; five of them the funniest cartoons in TV history plus one cancelled show concluded on Netflix that really isn’t a comedy but rocks just the same. And four of them are live-action shows that have re-written or broken all the rules of television comedy.

These shows really crack me up.

To the list…

First up an Archer remix…

Archer Vice (FX)

Archer Vice

Created by Adam Reed

Starring H. Jon BenjaminJudy GreerAmber NashChris ParnellAisha TylerJessica WalterGeorge CoeAdam Reed & Lucky Yates

The first animated show on this list is arguably the funniest. I cannot eat or drink while I watch Archer (or Season 5’s Archer Vice) because I would choke to death or spit it all over my TV this show is so freaking funny. Archer Vice is the same Archer, just the Archer gang has found themselves with a ton of cocaine on their hands. It is still one of the best shows on TV. The funniest voice cast in animation and some of the best writing.

Lana Kane

“Now tell them we’re hilarious. Say it.”

Archer is hilariously funny.

Next a little bite-sized comedy…

Childrens Hospital (Adult Swim)

Childrens Hospital titleCreated by Rob Corddry

Starring Malin ÅkermanLake BellRob CorddryErinn HayesRob HuebelKen MarinoMegan Mullally & Henry Winkler

It’s hard to describe this fifteen minute comedy about doctors and doctors in love that borrows from different genres. That Childrens Hospital is funny, is about all I can say..


My only complaint would be that they are so bite-sized and short at eleven minutes long, Childrens Hospital works best as a marathon.  It is creative, outrageous and hilarious.

Next we say goodbye to an old friend…

Clone Wars (cancelled… Netflix)

The Clone Wars

Created by George Lucas

Starring Matt LanterAshley EcksteinJames Arnold TaylorTom KaneCorey BurtonT.C. CarsonNika FuttermanDee Bradley BakerCatherine TaberAnthony DanielsIan AbercrombieMatthew WoodStephen StantonTom KennySamuel Witwer & Tim Curry

Star Wars: The Clones Wars was cancelled when Disney took over the franchise and the last season was released to Netflix. Go watch it now.

Anakin and Obi Wan

This final season has some of the best episodes of the series. Some of the best writing that bridge directly into Episode 3 and in my opinion serves to successfully rehabilitate the prequels. (Read that last sentence again) I think it does a really good job of answering many of the Star Wars prequels’ most hilarious WTF moments. No joke. Go watch it.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX)

its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-titleCreated by Rob McElhenney

Starring Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson & Danny DeVito

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a show about the worst people ever in one of the funniest comedies all-time. So well-written. So evil. So bad. They are so bad

It's Always Sunny Cast

“Are we hilarious?”

The cast and creators are immensely talented.


Louie (FX)


Created by & Starring by Louis C.K.

Louie is a creatively brilliant and quirky dark comedy about a sad-sack of a divorced comedian played by Louis C.K. whose name just happens to be Louis C.K.

Not based on a true story (still hilarious) It has been on hiatus for a while. It will be back.


Portlandia (IFC)

Portlandia_titleCreated by Fred ArmisenCarrie Brownstein & Jonathan Krisel

Starring Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein

An improv sketch comedy from the amazing team of Armisen & Brownstein. Portlandia is a love letter to the hipster generation and to Portland, Oregon.

PortlandiaPortlandia has some of the best editing on TV. That’s right. It’s an improv sketch comedy show that is extremely well-edited with a lot of fantastic cameos and guest appearances.

Also, I’m in love with Carrie Brownstein. There I said it. She’s hilarious.

Now for some fun with toys…

Robot Chicken (Adult Swim)

Robot Chicken

Created by Seth Green & Matthew Senreich

Starring Seth Green as well as, Candace BaileyAlex BorsteinRachael Leigh CookMacaulay Culkin, Donald FaisonTamara GarfieldSarah Michelle GellarGinnifer GoodwinClare GrantMila KunisSeth MacFarlaneBreckin MeyerDan MilanoTom RootMatthew Senreich & Amy Smart

Robot Chicken is a fifteen minute sketch comedy show with adult, nerdy, humor performed by classic children’s toys and voiced by some of the coolest funniest people around and dozens and dozens of hilariously amazing guest stars.

robot chicken dc comics special

They also do the best specials. Their Star Wars and DC Comics specials are brilliant.

Next up, an old fave..

South Park (Comedy Central)

South Park

Created by and Starring Trey Parker & Matt Stone

It is amazing how good South Park still is. A crass but hysterical social commentary comedy about four little boys from Colorado who get into hilarious misadventures. South Park has been around for decades and hasn’t lost a step.

Next a little something that’s been MIA…

The Boondocks (Adult Swim)

The Boondocks

Created by Aaron McGruder

Starring Regina KingJohn WitherspoonCedric YarbroughGary Anthony WilliamsJill Talley & Gabby Soleil

The Boondocks is an irreverent and hilarious animated show about two young black brothers who move into a white neighborhood after the death of their parents. It is funny as hell. The Boondocks has been on hiatus for far too long.

a pimp name slickback

Bring that shit back.

And while you’re at it…

The Venture Bros. (Adult Swim)

The Venture Bros

Created by Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer

Starring James UrbaniakPatrick WarburtonMichael SinterniklaasChristopher McCullochDoc HammerSteven Rattazzi & Dana Snyder

The Venture Bros. is an absurdly hilarious send up of 1960’s & 70’s adventure cartoons about two brothers who live with their dad (the super scientist) and their bodyguard, while being constantly threatened by their arch-enemy, The Monarch.

The Monarch

This show is freaking hilarious. I’m obsessed with this show and everything about it.

Hank and Dean Venture

Go Team Venture!

And that’s ten.

A bunch of these shows have been on long hiatus and need to come back soon. But in the meantime they are available to stream on Netflix.

While I’m here, I have to say they need to bring back the action adventure shows like Avatar: Legend of Korra, Beware the Batman and Tron: Uprising. I love these shows. I miss these shows. Good action adventure cartoons are hard to find. If you have any recommendations please send them to me.

See you guys on the couch,

– Mel


13 thoughts on “Top Ten TV Mega Post in Ten Parts (3/10 Cable Comedies & Cartoons)

  1. I’m not too familiar with any of these shows except for a little bit of Clone Wars and Louie. I don’t follow much comedies but Louie is brilliant at times and laugh out loud funny when it wants to be. Of the other shows on this list, Archer Vice sounds like something I’d give a shot. But since I don’t have most of these channels I’ll have to catch up on DVD.


    • If you like Louie, I think you might also like Portlandia. But I’m almost sure you’d like Archer. It is a comic take on superspies. (In the latest season they become drug dealers… Archer Vice) and I think you’d get a kick out of The Venture Bros. and the way they reference comics and old cartoons. The Venture Bros and Archer are the two I would recommend to you (based on your appreciation of Marvel Comics, Whedon & GoT) but my taste in humor generally runs toward the silly/smart like Monty Python. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Archer is one of the best and funniest TV shows I’ve ever seen! I love Louie and Portlandia as well. Venture Bors. is spectacular! Marvel Comics, James Bond and 70’s cartoons like Johnny Quest all rolled into one. What more could you ask for!? I wish Netflix had the rest of the seasons available. Just 2? WTF! I had to go to an “questionable” site to see the whole damn thing.


    • I love The Venture Bros. I really love the evolution of the characters, 24 is the man. Dr. Orpheus, The Monarch. I love all of the characters. Billy Quizboy, My favorite is the Hunter S. Thompson guy (I can’t think of his name) He has some of the best lines. And the music is awesome. It takes them a while to write a season but it’s worth the wait because each season is chock full of so much awesome.

      Archer too. Archer is just insane. That show is just insanely good. Pam has become my favorite character now because she is constantly eating cocaine. Which is just pure madness but it’s hysterical. I also love the way they make the first word of a new scene fit perfectly as a reply to the last thing said in the previous scene. And they do it every time and they’ve done it from the first show. Great writing. Great acting. Great show. Thanks for the comment. Be careful out there amongst those pirates. Run an antivirus and even if you’re virus free do a clean install at least once a year.


    • You’re in for a real treat. The last two seasons are great. They go in depth on what happens with the clones and Anakin changing sides and Yoda going away and what makes Jar Jar so annoying and Luke’s failure in the cave and Ahsoka (Ahsoka’s story rocks) and Darth Maul and Mace Windu and Qui Gon and the force. In my opinion they make a STRONG bid for canonization (if that’s the word). I hope Disney was watching. Thanks for the kind words.


  3. I’m a big fan of Louie. I haven’t watched many of these others, but Archer and Portlandia are in my endless Netflix queue at the moment. I do watch Korra too. I look forward to that one’s return as well. One cartoon I’ve really been enjoying lately is Rick and Morty. That might be worth a look if you get the chance. Wish I had the time to check out all of these!


    • I’ll check out Rick & Morty. I like Dan Harmon and I love Community. So I bet it will be good. Adult Swim cartoons can be hit or miss depending on how high or drunk I am. Time management can be a factor with entertainment, like you’ve said before, but with shows like that I usually just put them on one screen while I have something else playing on another screen and while I surf or work on a third. My neighbor complained to my landlord once about it. Not that it was too loud. It was not that it was too loud but that it was too many things at once. But since there is no ordinance that says you can’t watch three things at once, he can bite me. Thank you for the comment. And I agree, even though I’m usually watching more than one thing, there is still never enough time to watch all the things I want. That’s why I like recommendations from people whose taste I respect. Saves time.


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