Batman: Arkham Knight Game Trailer

I’m a little late to this party.

I just started playing the first one; Batman: Arkham Asylum. But I bought the second one; Batman: Arkham City, and I’ll be playing them back to back because the first one is a lot of fun…

But the newest one; Batman: Arkham Knight looks awesome.

Damn that looks good.

I would watch this if they made it a movie.

– Mel


4 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Knight Game Trailer

    • There are a lot of changes. The Batmobile, Harley… even Bruce Wayne. You remember when Jack Nicholson made artists have to add pounds to the Joker? That was annoying. I think Bruce looks a little more like Ben Affleck in this one. But I like the Penguin. I like the voice-over. And the action. I’m really liking the gameplay in the first game and I hear the second game is even better.


    • I like the fighting a lot. Even though you can easily get through the early non-boss fights by button mashing. I like the special moves. I’m slow, so I probably won’t get to the second one for awhile. Also I’m a completest, so I have to find every Riddler puzzle and collectible.


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