My Top Ten TV Mega Post in Ten Parts! (New Shows 1/10)

It’s been awhile since we talked about how good TV is these days. Time for a Mega Post.

Turn amc

“Any last requests?”
“Yes. I’d like to live to see the end of Mel’s TV mega post. If you don’t mind.”

My last TV Mega Post was a five parter. It included Cable, Premium, Animated, New Shows and All-Time Faves but in the interim TV has gotten TWICE as good and the number of good shows has increased exponentially. Even my ALL-Time Faves have made a few additions. So, this time around I present to you:

My Top Ten TV Mega Post in Ten Parts!!

Ambitious? Yes. Outrageous? Yes. Should I be writing my novel instead of doing this? Yes. But will it be fun to compile and also serve to keep my blog current? I say – YES!

Eva Green

“I’m sorry to tell you this but getting through ten posts about TV, Mel, is just not in the cards for you. Perhaps you should take up knitting.”

So, on this very blog, I will present to you my Top Ten Cable Comedies, Cable Dramas, Broadcast Comedies, Broadcast Dramas, Premium Comedies, Premium Dramas, Imports, Variety Shows, All-Time Faves and My Top Ten New Shows. That’s one hundred motherfucking TV Shows in ten posts.

Bob Odenkirk

“I could do without the potty mouth, mister.”
“Oh geez. We don’t like that kinda talk round here dontcha know.”

But for New Shows this time around I’m not going to list the shows that have just started like I did last time. Shows that I like and that will probably soon be cancelled (like right after I post about them). Nope. For the new shows list I’m going to list shows that haven’t started yet, that are coming later this year and that I’m really excited about and think we should all watch from episode one.

Haven’t done that before. In fact… I think I’m going to start that one right now.

My Top Ten New Shows coming in 2014.

To the list…

First up… Spies.

Turn (AMC, April 6th)


Created by Craig Silverstein

Starring Jamie Bell, Meegan Warner, Daniel HenshallBurn GormanSeth NumrichHeather LindKevin McNallyAngus Macfadyen & JJ Feild

Based on a book by Alexander Rose this AMC American Revolution espionage drama with a pilot directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) will premiere on April 6th.

Jamie Bell

“Mullet. It’s called a mullet and yes, it did come with the pretty bow. Why do you ask?”

Every war has it spies. This is the story of the American Revolution’s little known spy ring. History, Espionage, Americans w/ British accents. What more could you ask for?

AMC's Turn

“I swear to you gents. I did not steal these photos. It’s not like there was anyone’s name on them. I mean… what’s that? Look to my right? How’d that get there?”

Watch This (AMC has been on a roll. So, I’m hoping for good things out of this one)

Next up… a movie adapted to the small screen

Fargo (FX, sometime in 2014)


Written by Noah Hawley

Starring Billy Bob ThorntonMartin FreemanColin HanksBob Odenkirk & Kate Walsh

Loosely based on the movie Fargo by the Coen Brothers this small screen version boasts an all-star cast w/ Martin Freeman (The Hobbit), Billy Bob Thornton, Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad) and Kate Walsh.


“…and then he said, ‘Hey Bilbo, you kiss Sherlock with that mouth?’ so I slugged him. I just didn’t see the other two guys behind me… Does it look really bad?”
“It’s hardly noticeable.”

Scheduled for ten episodes, Fargo the series has the potential for greatness, as long as the producers keep the feel of the original, the humor of the original, the violence & suspense of the original. In other words, as long as they respect the source material.

Billy Bob Thornton

Do you want to build a snowman, Billy Bob?

Watch This (with Justified, The Americans & American Horror Story, just to name a few, FX has proven that they can do good work)


Penny Dreadful (Showtime, May 11th)

Penny Dreadful

Created by John Logan

Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona

Starring Josh HartnettEva GreenBillie Piper, Rory KinnearTimothy DaltonReeve CarneyHarry TreadawayHelen McCrory & Simon Russell 

With a monster cast, this Showtime monster mash which stars Eva Green (Camelot) & Billie Piper (Doctor Who) among others, hosts an amazing array of legendary monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray just to name a few.

Penny Dreadful

“So we’re in agreement… We’re all keeping the wardrobe.”
“We do look cool as all hell.”

Penny Dreadful looks to me like it will be some seriously sexy supernatural costumed horror and I, for one, am very excited. And even if it does devolve into campy, Abbott & Costello meets Frankenstein awfulness, this fantastic cast should rise above the material.

Penny Dreadful

“Quickly, son. Just get a badass overcoat on that guy. He’ll feel better.”

Watch This (Showtime costs a little extra but they have Homeland, Nurse Jackie, Masters of Sex, Shameless, Ray Donovan, House of Lies. Seriously Showtime is bringing it hard)

Next… more from AMC…

Halt & Catch Fire (AMC, June 2014)

Halt and Catch Fire

Created by Chris Cantwell & Chris Rogers

Starring Lee PaceScoot McNairyMackenzie DavisKerry Bishé, David Wilson Barnes & Toby Huss


The 80s you say? That looks like my garage now.

Halt & Catch Fire (a fictional computer command that would cause a machine to self-destruct) is billed as a Mad Men type show about the rise of the Personal Computer. It’s set in Texas in the 1980’s. I like the cast and the premise but not the Mad Men comparison? Those are some pretty big shoes to fill fella.


“Don’t be afraid to jump up on this table at any time. In fact, I’m going to do that right now. Who’s with me? I say, who’s with me!!!”

Wait & See (Mad Men is amazing but it’s the acting and writing that does it. Without some of the best acting and writing on TV it would be a boring mess. We’ll see about this one)

Next… we move to Netflix…

Sense8 (Netflix, Late 2014)


This is fake. There are no pictures anywhere. Not even a logo.

Created by The Wachowskis

Showrunner J. Michael Straczynski

The Wachowskis, Science Fiction & Netflix… and that’s all you need to know. Actually that’s all the Wachowshis will let us know at this time. 

Wait & See (We’re in the dark about this one but that doesn’t mean we’re not excited)

Next up…

Tooken (NBC, Fall 2014)

Tina Fey

“Hi Mel.”
Hi Tina.
“See you later tonight?”
Yes you will.

Created by Tina Fey

Starring Ellie Kemper

Tooken is a single camera series about a woman who escapes from a cult and lives in New York City. Written and created by Tina Fey, I see good things. Tina has two other shows in the works but this one is already a go for Fall.

Ellie Kemper

“This is not from my new show. This is obviously from some Christmas episode somewhere. What are you trying to pull here anyway?”

Wait & See (Tina Fey produces. Ellie Kemper stars. You had me at Tina but I’m also a big Ellie Kemper fan. So… fingers crossed)


Silicon Valley (HBO, April 6th)


Created by Alec Berg & Mike Judge

Starring Thomas MiddleditchT. J. MillerZach WoodsKumail Nanjiani & Martin Starr

silicon valley mike judge

“Does anybody here remember LAN parties? No? Just me? Well alright then.”

This Mike Judge (Idiocracy, Office Space) sitcom about a tech start-up company has a very funny cast and very funny and creative creators. I expect great things.

Silicon Valley

” I was only trying to…”
“I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen”

Watch This (I mean, come on, It’s HBO)

Next up… more from HBO…

The Leftovers (HBO, 2014)


Created by Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta

Starring Justin TherouxAmy Brenneman, Carrie Coon, Christopher EcclestonLiv Tyler & Ann Dowd

Damon Lindelof’s post-rapture drama based on the novel by Tom Perrotta looks like it’s going to be really interesting, really mysterious, and probably really good. It is the story of the people in a small town left behind after a rapture event.

Heroes Day Meeting

“Please tell me Kirk Cameron’s NOT gonna be in this… god I hate that guy.”

With another fine cast featuring Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings) and Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), The Leftovers is looking like an unfolding mystery with a touch of the spiritual… but on HBO. So, you know, like Lost… but on steroids.


presented without comment

Watch This (think Left Behind but without all the self-righteous preachiness… I hope)

Next we go to the UK…

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (BBCA, Summer 2014)


Written by Peter Harness

Directed by Toby Haynes

Starring Eddie MarsanBertie CarvelAlice EnglertMarc WarrenSamuel WestCharlotte RileyEnzo Cilenti & Paul Kaye

Jonathan Strange

“Hey. I’m walking here… I’m walking here!!”

A fantasy drama about two rival magicians who were once friends, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is based on Susanna Clarke’s novel of the same name.

Okay, I couldn’t find any pics from this either. So, sue me… (seriously DON’T sue me)

Jonathan Strange will be a seven part miniseries directed by Toby Haynes [Doctor Who episodes “The Pandorica Opens” / “The Big Bang” / “A Christmas Carol” / “The Impossible Astronaut” & “Day of the Moon” as well as the Sherlock episode “The Reichenbach Fall”]

Watch This (The story and the director are awesome so I’m pretty psyched)

And lastly…

The Knick (Cinemax, 2014)

The Knick

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Starring Clive Owen

The Knick Cinemax

“Do I still have to hold your purse?”
“Yes… and quit whining.”

The Knick is a medical drama series directed entirely by Steven Soderbergh (Out of Sight, Traffic). It’s the story of New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital in the early 20th century.

Steven-Soderbergh The-Knick Cinemax

“If you don’t stop pointing that camera at me, I will retire again… I swear to god.”

Watch This (I’m loving the way Soderbergh keeps reinventing himself. I can’t wait to see what he does with this Cinemax series)

So to recap…

I have no idea if any of these shows will actually be any good but they all look good to me. With great casts, great creators, great writers, great directors and great source material, these are just a few of the new things coming down the TV pipeline.

More to come…

– Mel


6 thoughts on “My Top Ten TV Mega Post in Ten Parts! (New Shows 1/10)

  1. A lot of good shows coming up, which is surprising considering TV hasn’t really been an event you need to just watch in a long while. Now, it seems like we’re finally getting back to the old days and it makes me smile.


  2. TV just seems to be getting better and better as an entertainment medium. The ones I’m most looking forward to include Turn (I love historical dramas) and Penny Dreadful (looks unique and fun).


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