Invasion! of the Ceiling Leak or Liquid Alien Space Portal

There was another leak (the third in eight years). But this one was different somehow. Perhaps this one was not of this earth. Perhaps it was an invasion from fluid space. (probably not… but maybe It’s better to turn it into something silly before I get angry)

By god, it was an invasion!


It started as an alien space portal on my living room ceiling. It did not feel like they had come in peace. They would find me ready to defend this planet.


The portal sprang to life and then, for want of a better word, “peed” tiny aliens into my home and into my large plastic bucket, or “welcome wagon”, for what felt like eons.


And then it stopped. Orders from the mothership. The fall into the bucket had killed them by the thousands and the rest of their tiny army was retreating back to fluid space.

I think we won.


It looks dormant now. Life has returned to normal. They say it was our gravity that did them in. They were vulnerable and hadn’t counted on our planet’s many plastic buckets.

We had won.

The Memorial

This ceiling bubble will stand as a memorial to the fallen until after I’ve gotten some sleep (and googled how to get rid of it).  2014-01-14. We & They will never forget. 

This planet is defended.

Sleep well my friends.

– Mel


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