Jupiter Ascending (Trailer)

The Wachowskis are the masters of Sci Fi.

There I said it.

This looks interesting.

It will probably be overwrought with spirituality and complicated by duality (Mila Kunis plays two parts).

But the summer release is a good sign.

The cast is decent and attractive.

The effects look sensational.

I don’t know much about it but I trust The Wachowskis with my money… blindly.

Summer 2014

– Mel


8 thoughts on “Jupiter Ascending (Trailer)

    • Say what you want about The Wachowskis, their movies are visually stunning. Speed Racer was gorgeous. The 2nd & 3rd Matrices were beautiful. And so was Cloud Atlas. They make movies to toke to.


  1. Or was he? (“I know Kung Fu”)… Even though Keanu’s acting ability is, well let’s say, at best reasonable. Okay he’s not very good but forgivable in certain parts, Neo being one of them. Even though he’s not a good actor I like him and I respect his choices. I really want to see Man of Tai Chi. It seems that many bad actors make great directors, Can you say Afleck and Sophia C.

    The first Matrix is not only one of the best Sci-fi films ever made, it’s one of the best films ever made. I would put it up there close to Blade Runner in terms of prophetic allegory and it’s relevance to the modern world. Like Blade Runner, it’s a modern classic!… Which made the other two films (although visually stunning), total disappointments. How could they get Matrix so right and so spectacular and go so horribly wrong with the sequels?

    I did not see Cloud Atlas, how was it?


    • Keanu doesn’t hurt a film like say Nicholas Cage can. If it’s a good idea and good director, Keanu will give you a good performances and not screw it up. Matrix is one of the best movies ever… yes. but the 2nd & 3rd ones never had a chance. Imagine Blade Runner 2 or 3. It’s hard to add to greatness w/o taking away. I’m waiting for Man of Tai Chi and also The 47 Ronin. There are a bunch of good Keanu Reeves movies. Affleck can act okay with the right director and the right material. He picks bad projects cause he tries to work w/ his friends. Great director though. I never thought of Sophia as an actor. The only reason she plays that part in Godfather 3 is because that was her as a baby in 1 and as a child 2 AND Winona Ryder dropped out.[Only a father has a character choose Sophia over Bridget Fonda. I mean that’s just crazy pants. (and I love Sophia)]

      I really loved Cloud Atlas even though it put me to sleep twice. I finally keyed in to it’s non-linear or multi-linear story and then I enjoyed it very much. The Sci Fi elements are amazing and the cast is outstanding. I can’t say that you’ll like it but you might. It is kind of strange.


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