The Best of Photos From Around The Block (part one)

I haven’t discontinued my Photos from Around the Block series. I’ve just been a little under the weather. And also with the change of seasons, I’m going to have start earlier… a lot earlier. Instead of sunset I will have to venture out at sunrise. Wish me luck

But here are my favorite photos from the series so far.

– Mel

The Night of The Doctor: Mini Episode (or 7 minutes of awesome)

Just incase you had any doubt that Steven Moffat was… a god.

Here are 7 minutes of awesome.

(For Doctor Who fans only).

This is better than the Doctor Who Movie and clears up a lot.

I’m so excited, I can’t sleep. I will be wide awake until November 23rd.

The Day of the Doctor.

“Physician Heal thyself.”

I’m going to watch it again.

– Mel

Thor: The Dark World, A Quick Review

Thor The Dark WorldI went to see Thor: The Dark World this afternoon and it was very very good. I didn’t go to the fancy Imax theater but I did see it in 3D. This is my review…

"No Spoilers!!!"

“No Spoilers!!! Or I will kill you!!!”

Calm down dude. No spoilers. No fucking spoilers.

Much like the first movie, The Dark World is very funny. Kat Dennings (who kills it every week on 2 Broke Girls) steals the movie with her dry wit from the moment she walks on the screen. And this one is sort of romantic like the first one. Though I feel that the Jane Foster character, at least the way Natalie Portman plays her, seems romantically stunted. Which is believable for a nerdy scientist (even a smoking hot one) who is dating an alien (Lois Lane much). And at this point Chris Hemsworth IS Thor. There’s no replacing him.

"Me, Thor. You, Jane."

“Me, Thor. You, Jane.”

But Thor: The Dark World is much better than the first movie thanks to fantastic directing and special effects. The look and feel of Asgard is my favorite thing about the film. You can see that Alan Taylor‘s work on Game of Thrones benefited him greatly here. You get less Shakespeare and more Lord of the Rings (I love Kenneth Branagh but this is a much better Asgard)

Dark ElvesThe bad guys are scary because they are just evil. No need for any explanation. Pure evil. Love these guys.

MalekithHowever, I thought the main baddie, played by Christopher Eccleston (The Ninth Doctor) did not get enough screen time. He reminded me of Nero from the first Star Trek reboot, except that he doesn’t get a good monologue (Unless they cut it for time). I love a good villainous monologue.

Thor and LokiBut seeing the brothers; The Sons of Odin, side by side is very cool and well worth the price of admission. 


Once again you have to stay until the credits have finished because there are two epilogues. One after the titles and one after the full credits. I don’t know who picked the order but I kind of feel they make more sense the other way. First one second and second one first. But really that’s nitpicking. The movie is very very good all the way through.

See it.

See you at the movies,

– Mel


Winter’s Tale Trailer

Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin is one of my favorite books of all time…

Love the casting. Colin Farrell & Russell Crowe & that girl from Downton Abbey Jessica Brown-Findlay. But the Valentine’s Day release and the music (I know it’s just the trailer) make me uneasy.

Also Akiva Goldman is a good writer but an unproven director. This story needs an Epic Director. This story needs Wachowski or Spielberg… but you never know, it could still be watchable. The photography looks gorgeous. New York looks gorgeous. And that’s the most important thing.

I’m happy they’re making a movie but I just hope they do it justice.

– Mel