A Vote To Never Forget

This is a good post and it includes a comprehensive list of the Congress people who voted to destroy the economy. The Suicide Caucus. Share it. We need to get rid of them.
You do not let the friend that has been talking about suicide all night… you don’t let them drive the car.

AZModerate Rants

There have been numerous votes in the Senate and House over the years that have impacted or could have had the impact to seriously effect the health of this nation.

On October 16th, 2013 H.R. 2775 which was a Continuing Resolution to reopen the United States Government and raise the debt ceiling was before both chambers of Congress. The U.S. Government had been shut down for 16 days costing the economy by conservative estimates $24 billion dollars. This was on top of the $700 billion already lost to our economy due to the Tea Party sponsored and supported sequester and austerity cuts to federal spending at time of a recession and anemic recovery.

All economists were agreed as to what was at stake for this vote. Pass it, government would reopen, the debt ceiling would be extended until February 2014 and both chambers of Congress would finally meet in conferenceā€¦

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