Photos from Around the Block Number Seven

I’m proud of myself for getting out of the house regularly these days to take pictures.

I mean…

I guess I would still leave the house; just go to the store and come right back, but taking my camera with me has created an excuse and opportunity to stay out longer. And I’m starting to remember how much I enjoy taking pictures. People who know me from before know that photography was the first love of my life.

So, this whole thing has been an exercise in gaining back a piece of myself. Before the drugs, I was the guy with the camera. Soon after, I was the guy with the drugs. I want to be the guy with the camera again.

Here’s this week’s pics…

Careful. This is an ATIVE driveway.

Careful now. This is an ATIVE driveway. No parking and no C’s allows.

A view from the hill.

A view from the top of the hill.

One day I'm going to step inside this chirch.

One day I’m going to step inside my local church. (and no I won’t burst into flames)

Stained Glass Windows from the outside with the sun's reflection are probably stunning from inside.

Stained Glass windows from the outside showing the sun’s reflection are probably stunningly beautiful from the inside.

OPen Stain Glass Window

An open stained glass window on a pretty place of worship

A closer look

A closer look at the glass.

G & H Red Light

G & H Red Light



This guy.

This guy… on a roof

Rusted Rustic Shack

Rusted Rustic Shack

Green House covered in green

Green house covered in green.  I love it when nature swallows up a man-made structure. In the story I’m writing now everything’s covered in green.

In the Mirror

In the Mirror

In the Woods

In the Woods

In the Wire

In the Wire

In the City

In the City

I think they diverted the takeoffs and landings at my local airport because there were no airplanes.

So I guess I’m staying.

See you next week.

– Mel


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