How We Treat The Least Among Us

I tried to watch this without crying or screaming… I could not.

It doesn’t need sound and personally I think the music takes away from the impact.

It is just six minutes and I’m sorry.


I am not a vegetarian. I’ve hunted. I’ve fished. I see nothing wrong with killing for food.

THIS is torture. I see EVERYTHING wrong with that.

This is not the most efficient way to run a (omg I’m going to call that a) farm. This is the most profitable. Less space, less overhead, fewer employees, smaller cost, more profits. These days there is no such thing as evil as long as there’s profit in it.

It’s not the killing or what they do to them after they’re dead. It’s how they treat them while they are alive; The animals and the workers. Because every single person who works there has either hardened their heart long ago or they’re dying inside.

Now I see why they fight so hard to make sure these things aren’t shown. And why it is illegal to record the conditions of these plants in America. But I ask you honestly, do you think American farms are better or worse? Or just the same?

The only difference I see between this and experimenting on lab animals is that we eat them afterward.

Fuck that.

– Mel


6 thoughts on “How We Treat The Least Among Us

  1. You always hear about the chickens and their tight quarters but you never see the other animals like the mother pigs. I forced myself to watch it because so many times I’ve looked away. I don’t think I’d ever be able to give up meat, but we need to do more to protect these animals from these conditions. Thanks for sharing that…


    • I call them mother pigs but they may probably not even mothers. They are probably just injected with hormones to keep them producing milk like the cows on the carousel. They’ve probably never stood up. and the sores. And I’m sure the other side of their bodies, the side they’ve been lying on for the entirety of their miserable lives is just one big sore. It makes me so angry. I know a lot of people who have done a lot of bad things to protect animals. I never really quite understood. I’m starting to.


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