Photos from Around the Block 4/5 (megapost)

If you’re following my Around the Block style Photos posts, you may have noticed that I missed last week. I didn’t leave my house. Not once all week. So I broke my rusty cage today and even wandered out of my comfort zone (a bit).

So here is a double-sized post to make up for last week.

I saw some cool stuff on my walk and I could have kept going, maybe even should have kept going… but I got hungry… and then it got dark.

When I got home with my pizza, my place was full of flies. I had left the window open. (serves me right for going outside)

As always I start with an unwelcoming image and end with an airplane.

Rusty Chains

I’m gonna break my rusty chains…

Sad Dog

“Damn Paparazzi. Leave us alone. roof roof roof.”

Distant Bridge

Distant Bridge



Stacking cars... for later.

Stacking cars… for later.

Playing Ball in the School Yard

Playing Ball in the Schoolyard

Place of Worship

A pretty place of worship.

Broken Glass

Feels just like I’m walking on broken glass.

Busy Streets

Bustling City Streets. I love this city.

Guy Hanging Out on a Building

Guy hanging out on the side of a building… laughing at the people down below.

His Brother The Bookworm

His brother… the bookworm… um… I mean scholar.

I liked him so I too more pics.

I liked him so much, I took more pics of reading guy.

I'm going to let him get back to his book

I’m going to let him get back to his book now.

What's up with banks and clocks?

What’s up with banks and clocks? Time is money. I guess.

A cross in the foreground

A cross in the foreground.

A bridge in the background

A bridge in the background.

Duck Rocking Horse

Q. When is a duck also a horse?
A. When it’s a duck rocking horse.

Sidewalk Closed

Sidewalk Closed.

Summer in the city

Summer in the city.

The space between

The space between the buildings.

Water towers in the sky

Water towers in the sky

My neighbors

My neighbors. I wonder how many of them are home.

Cheese it! The cops.

Cheese it! It’s the cops.

That's my ride.

That’s my cue to go.

I’m out.

Next week I’m going to the water… I think.

– Mel


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