Photos From Around The Block 3

I went out in the heat today. I went to get Ice Cream. I was going to go yesterday but it was too hot. (too hot to get Ice Cream!) So I took my camera with me like I promised and here are the pictures.

I took my Zoom Lens with me this time and it created a few new image opportunities. I may have gone a little over board. I waited until late afternoon for the temp to drop to a more comfortable 92 degrees fahrenheit. But, sadly, the condition of my nerves makes a long focal length in low light problematic. So half of the pics were a shaky mess.

Here are the ones that weren’t so shaky…

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb. The moon, she is sleeping.

The City Where I Live

The street and the city where I live.

Downtown Traffic

Downtown Traffic… a little shaky but I like it anyway.

Clear Skies, Grey Skies

Clear skies, grey skies.
If you look closely, you can see something on the wing of the plane. Is that? Shatner? 

Candy... Ice

Candy… Ice… Beer… Lottery Tickets… Life in the big city.


This is my favorite pic from today. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the composition.

How High The Moon?

The moon has definitely been smoking something.

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun.

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun.
My hunger for her explains everything I’ve done.

Market forces... me to want cookies

Market forces… me to want to buy cookies. But I want Ice Cream.

The Rolling Hills of Manhattan

The rolling hills of Manhattan island.

I'm Out of Here

And that’s all I have. I am out of here.

That’s all for now.

Next time I will take the big lens out mid-day for less nervy shaking.

See you then.

– Mel


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