Pacific Rim Review (Hint* I liked it)

Pacific Rim Poster

I was raised on monster moviesGodzilla vs Megalon was one of my favorite films growing up. I loved the early monster movies, as cheesy as they were.

Jet Jaguar

This is Jet Jaguar from Godzilla vs Megalon. Don’t even try to tell me that this wasn’t the inspiration for Pacific Rim.

Jet Jaguar, who teams up with Godzilla to fight Megalon, was the coolest robot. And so was the little Japanese kid who thought that Jet was his toy and not the bad-ass superhero that he actually was. Love that movie. Pacific Rim owes Godzilla vs Megalon a huge debt.

The robots in Pacific Rim are more like Mechs than robots because they have human drivers, but they kick ass nonetheless. With one from every industrialized country (There are a lot in the film I just found the 5 main ones). They are built to fight the giant creatures that come out of the Pacific Ocean. And these monsters are scary. Guillermo del Toro has proven himself to be the master of monsters.


There hasn’t been a good monster movie in a long long time. Recent Godzilla movies have been crap. And to tell you the truth, I would much rather see the guy in the rubber suit than all the spectacular effects in the world surrounded by a shitty story.

Monster 2

Then in walks Guillermo del Toro with a great story. And great characters and a nice hook where it takes two people to control each mech. And his expert storytelling ability. And you have an awesome summer blockbuster.

The HeroesThe monsters are called Kaiju and the mechs or robots are called Jaegers

Rinko Kikuchi

The Kaiju and the Jaegers are fun and exciting and the battles are cool, but it’s the people who make this movie amazing. The cast is superb. There is real story, there is real heart and not just mindless action.

Rinko Kikuchi 2

Rinko Kikuchi is the best thing in the film. She brings it with her fighting and her acting. Idris Alba (Luther) is in fine form and commands attention whenever he is on camera..

Charlie Hunnam and Mana Ashida

and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) does a good job as the American. I also really enjoyed the comic relief from Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Burn Gorman (Torchwood) as the bumblingly brilliant scientists.

Ron Perlmanand a fun cameo from Ron Perlman (Hellboy) who, in my opinion, can do no wrong.

Robot PilotsHowever, Pacific Rim is an awesome movie…

Robots Fighting Monsters…because robots fight monsters.

What more do you want from a summer blockbuster?

Go see it on the big screen.

– Mel


8 thoughts on “Pacific Rim Review (Hint* I liked it)

  1. Great review, I saw this one last night and had an absolute blast. Giant robots fighting giant monsters — that’s just plain awesome. 🙂 I also thought Rinko Kikuchi had a standout performance. “Today we are canceling the Apocalypse!” has become my new favorite line. 😉


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