Photos from Around the Block 2

Went outside. Bought some peanut butter. Took some pictures. Running out of things to photograph in my neighborhood… I hope.

I bought this camera to motivate me into going outside but I still only go out for food, appointments and the occasional big movie opening. (I also bought a bike that I’ve used twice in four years)

I purposely walk 10 blocks to the market so that I stay out longer and because the people at my local market hate me. Okay mostly because they hate me. (show up in my pajamas and an overcoat ONCE and they look at you funny forever)


Barbed wire is pretty. Like the thorns on roses… but without the rose.


Remember when an open hand meant welcome, peace or just hello. Now it means STOP! When the aliens come down this will be confusing to them.

Park Alley

Love this little alley, but it’s no Diagon Alley. (HP reference what what?)

The Birds

A tree and two little birds.


Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. No. It’s a plane. You’re right it’s a plane.

Concrete Jungle

Buildings on stilts.

Schools Out

School’s out in America.

Funeral Flowers

Funeral homes are recession proof… and here’s some flowers.

A tree grows

Lastly… there’s a tree on this roof.

The lonely tree

The Lonely Tree

That’s all for this week.

Next week maybe I’ll get to the park.

No promises.

– Mel


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