Rainy Day Old Photo Place Holder

I had planned to go out and take some photos today but it’s pouring. I found some old stuff on my dying mac. I’m putting them online in lieu of new pictures. Some of these I have already posted but I cropped or WP lost them or deleted them, so I’m putting them up again.

I need to get out and take pictures more often. There was a time when I would go everywhere with a camera. My love of photography only slowed by the cost of film.

The plan was to post new pics once a week. But this week it’s old stuff because… it’s raining.

Girls Crossing Street

Had to take this pic even though that truck almost hit me.



Churches are beautiful… on the outside.



One of my favorites from L.A. (Man Walking w/ a Cane)



I don’t know why I like this one… but I do.


E. Village

I used to live on this block. (Actually my girlfriend lived here. I lived on her floor)


Break Time

This is an old one. South Street Seaport in the 80’s.



I forget where this was but I love the color.


b & w skyline

The skyline looks nothing like this anymore.


Skyscraper Construction

Skyscrapers are going up everyday.

Next Week

New Stuff

Weather Permitting.

– Mel


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