I live
In a constant state of panic
It’s my default setting.

So, when everyone else freaks out
Cause the shit hit the fan
Or the world’s gonna end
I’m like, “What else you got?”

They always ask me,
“How are you so calm?”

I never say
Because it doesn’t matter
And this is not the time for that
Just stand over there and be quiet
I’ll handle this

You see people
We’re at DEFCON 1
High Alert
State of Emergency
All hands on deck
Clear the bridge

Cuz you guys…
You’re just visiting.
I live here




But once it’s done
And everyone goes home
With a pat on the back
They say, “Good job.”
“Let’s party.”

I can’t…

Because I’m a

And that
Was the only time it’s useful

But you’re welcome.

– Mel


8 thoughts on “Un-Stressed

  1. You absolutely captured the reality of anxiety.

    I almost look forward to and even create the odd crisis just so I can feel at home. I have chosen your poem as part of my Stormhead Stew roundup of outstanding web anxiety content for Friday June 28.13. I’ll be watching for more.

    Maybe one day you will write only from memory and not current events.

    Paul Matthews


    • “Maybe one day you will write only from memory and not current events.”

      Thank you for your kind words. However, this sentence, that I quoted above, will haunt me for the rest of the day… and I don’t know how I feel about that.

      – Mel


      • hey Mel,

        Hoping to help not haunt. Sorry for that.

        Your poem resonated so much with my own lengthy struggle that I wanted to say that I hope your frustrations will diminish. I hope you can keep your amazing gift of expression and lose some of the DEFCON 1 if that’s what you would want.

        Best wishes.

        Paul Matthews


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