Damage Estimates to Metropolis in the Man of Steel Monstrosity

I saw this on timsfilmreviews.com and just had to steal it.

Damage Estimates

Man of Steel isn’t a superman film.

It’s a Godzilla Monster Movie. With Metropolis standing in as Tokyo.

The man with the x-ray vision can’t see that he’s causing the deaths of thousands of people? C’mon Zak. That’s not Superman. That’s fucking Godzilla.

– Mel

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3 thoughts on “Damage Estimates to Metropolis in the Man of Steel Monstrosity

    • But even with all that NYC wreckage, The Avengers were doing their best to keep the destruction to a minimum. I guess you can say Superman was new to saving people but I think Zak and his crew overdid it on the damage. It made me uncomfortable. If you’re going to get dark with the body count, fine… own it. But then you have Superman stop fighting in order to save a soldier who fell out of a helicopter. What was that? There used to be an unwritten rule that innocents get saved because soldiers signed up. The whole thing made me uncomfortable.


      • Yeah, even though I did enjoy the Superman reboot, the very end did bother me a bit, with all the buildings collapsing and people trapped under the rubble. It made me think of 9/11. 😦


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