The Journal of the Man in the Box 2

Mel Rook and the 7 Deadly Sins update

First up…


Carrot Fries

Carrot Fries with olive oil, light mayo & ketchup is my new food obsession.

They started offering organic produce at my local market.
Just potatoes, onions and bananas so far.

But the bananas don’t ripen like I like them. They go from green to green with brown spots to greasy black.

Brown Rice
I made the switch from white to brown rice a couple of months ago. I had rocked the white rice for too long. A few times I tried to switch but I couldn’t get the brown rice right. This time I consulted the hive mind (aka The Internet) and now I’m the brown rice master. I buy it in bulk and put it in jars and refrigerate it.

In April I only ate fruits, vegetables, beans, oats and brown rice
A lot of broccoli & the organic potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, carrots (love them fries).

Scrambled Eggs

I throw in eggs with my veggies in the morning (or is it the other way around?).

I still like oatmeal in the afternoons with bananas or raisins & cinnamon.

And some mixture of stir fried veggies over rice for dinner or beans and rice.

Feeling good. I plan to try to keep this up. Wish me luck.


Who said that?

Next there’s…


Student Loans… am I right?

I will be paying off my student loans until the day I die.

The interest is ridiculous thanks to all of my years living on the street and never holding down a steady job or a permanent address.

But now that I’ve stopped moving they’ve found me. I will be paying for my college loans for the rest of my life. (But I will probably die still owing them, so I win)

And honestly I think I snorted, smoked and blew most of that money anyway. I never finished school. because it’s difficult to hold a full-time job, a full-time addiction and a full class load while sleeping part-time on the subway.

I wonder what made me think I could do that?

Oh yeah…



Not too proud of myself these days. Not making much progress spiritually, mentally… actually. But here are my 10 favorite blog entries from this blog…

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Speaking of…


My Pinterest Boards and My Pinterest Feed have become a parade of pretty pictures and beautiful bodies from Emma Watson to Hugh Jackman From Felicia Day to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Haven’t been posting anything lustful on here, I guess, because my Pinterest has kept me visually engaged.

I’ve always been a very visual person. (why my deteriorating eyesight bothers me so damn much)


You sure???

Not bacon?


Next up…



These days I envy the people living their lives in the open air.

I’m getting more and more tired of this cage, of my self-imposed exile from the world. Looking at my friends’ vacation pics or relationship pics or family pics and feeling the jealousy has become my new pastime.

I was hoping I would have broken free by now but the longer I stay hidden the harder it is. The longer I stay grounded the harder it is for me to imagine taking flight.

Don’t know.



Fox News

This realization that the U.S. Government wouldn’t be this dysfunctional if we had a white male president fills me with disgust.

Congress refuses to work with President Obama. The Ayn Rand-ians are using it as a way to shrink the Federal Government’s power in favor of corporate power.

And I don’t think we will be having a non-white president again. Not anytime soon. All they have to do is promise to act up again if Hillary Clinton gets elected and we probably won’t have a woman in the oval office either.

This childish behavior from the right and the endless parade of conspiracy theories is making me sick.

Stay classy USA.




TV is still good and no longer the September to May romance it was when I was younger.

The Good

Great TV shows this season

History of the Time War

Doctor Who has been great this year. Love the new companion and all the episodes have been immensely re-watchable.

Mad Men has been great as well. The stories are still interesting and the characters are still deep  and the acting is still top notch.

A couple of Canadian shows coming to the states:
Motive & Continuum are both amazing and very original.


Motive is a police procedural that tells the audience who the killer is in the first few seconds of each episode. In my opinion this frees up the actor to play the killer more authentically because they are no longer trying to fool the audience just the other characters. It is a fantastic show that is incredibly addictive. A mystery where you already know who did it… just not why.

Continuum is a science fiction action-thriller time travel series that is just amazing. Time travelling terrorists come back in time to change the future and our hero, the lovely Rachel Nichols, follows them back in time to stop them. Very cool time travel story. I recommend it highly to fans of  Police Dramas, Futuristic Science Fiction & Doctor Who.

Game of Thrones has been riveting and not at all “too rapey” for me. I love this show. It scares me a little because I worry about them maintaining this level of awesome.

Still loving Elementary to death.

Lucy Liu as Watson

Lucy Liu is a great Watson and I love her wardrobe. I really enjoyed the finale. I’m not going to spoil it but there’s some great casting. After 22 kick-ass episodes, it’s your move Sherlock.

Once Upon a Time has stayed consistently good and I like the way they’ve moved the stories along, changing the rules each season. Don’t know about this Wonderland spin-off though.

The last season of Justified was just as bad-ass as ever with cool shootouts and stories and…

Timothy Olyphant (Happy Birthday Timmy) is still doing a hell of a job as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens.

Also American Horror Story, in my opinion got better in its second season. I really loved watching  Lily Rabe this year. I hope she comes back for another season.

And the first season of The Vikings was sensational. I didn’t expect much but it was excellent and quickly became one of my favorite shows from this year.


But this past season of Portlandia was the best… the best.

The Bad

Tried Hannibal but I got bored. I may try again. I hear good things but after three episodes I was bored.

Da Vinci’s Demons is garbage. Just awful. Couldn’t get through one episode.


Vegas was interesting but it got lost along the way. It’s hard to maintain two main storylines each w/ its own secondary stories and then introduce a mystery each week. The mobsters or the ranchers (turned lawmen)? But to be honest, the best parts of the show were the murder mysteries, the police procedural. The rest of the show gets lost in too many characters and subplots.

And I don’t know what happened to Warehouse 13 but it just plain sucks now. I still watch it because I’m loyal but… did someone important leave? cause it got bad.

The New

Just started trying to catch up with Bates Motel and I’m liking it so far.

Bates Motel

Vera Farmiga is scary good.

Then there are three new Brit shows I started watching…

Utopia is a conspiracy thriller that is holding my attention and creeping the hell out of me.

Black Mirror is a Twilight Zone type science fiction show with outrageously good writing and stories about technology in the not-too-distant future.

and BBC America’s Orphan Black is a sci-fi medical thriller about a group of clones trying to learn the truth about their existence.

All three are kind of trippy and dark at times but oh so good.


I really enjoyed Arrow on the CW but for the life of me I don’t know why.

Stephen Amell as Arrow

And I started watching Defiance. It is very interesting. The jury is still out but I’m still in.

The Departed

30 Rock ended well. They came back to form for the last season. Loved that show

The Office also came back into form for their last season.

Jim and Pam

Pam & Jim Forever.

Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 was cancelled. I knew ABC couldn’t hang. But I bet if it were an hour-long soap opera like Scandal or Revenge they would have considered renewing it.

Spartacus was okay up to the last three episodes which I didn’t like at all.

and speaking of great shows that ended poorly…

Fringe: The Final Season was amazing, fucking amazing up to the very last episode which was chock full of holes, inconsistencies and continuity mistakes. What a horrible way to end a fantastic show.

But you know what ended really well? Merlin ended really well.

Loved that show. It will be missed.

And that’s all he wrote.

– Mel

Star Trek: Into Darkness Quick Review

I saw the new Star Trek movie tonight.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I’m not going to say much about it. Just post a few stills (study them at your own risk) and a few words. No real spoilers. (god if someone had spoiled this movie for me I would have been pissed) So here’s my take on the new Star Trek movie.

Star Trek: Into Darkness in 5 words…

Into Darkness


Benedict Cumberbatch


Kirk, Spock & Uhura


Alice Eve





Go see it. See it on a REALLY BIG screen. In my opinion, it’s better than the first one. (and I loved the first one)

– Mel

What Does a Broken Heart Smell Like?

Empty Bed

Outside it smells like cheating
Inside it smells like rain
Thoughts of you smell like red wine and tissue
Smells like drinking
Smells like crying
Smells like pain

The shower smells like shampoo
The bedroom smells like games
It smells nothing like’ll be fine without you
More like sleeping
And like dying
Smells like pain

And the scent of your voice still echoes
Even when the TV’s on
And the neighbors
They still ask me how you’re doing
I don’t have the heart to
Tell them
That you’re
As the smell of you lingers on

Seeing my friends smells like faking
Seeing your friends smells like blame
Someday they’ll bottle up this broken heart perfume
Smells like leaving
Smells like lying
Smells like pain

And the scent of your voice still echoes
Even when the TV’s on
And the neighbors
They still ask me how you’re doing
I don’t have the heart to
Tell them
That you’re
As the smell of you lingers on

Outside it smells like cheating
Inside it smells like rain
Thoughts of you smell like red wine and perfume
Smells like leaving
Smells like lying
Smells like pain

It smells like I may never see you again.

– Mel

Iron Man Three Review

I saw Iron Man Three tonight. (And that’s how it is written with the number spelled out like that. You know… stupidly)

Iron Man Three

There is not a lot I can say about this movie without massive spoilers. So I’ll just say that I was disappointed.

It was well-written. Robert Downey Jr is amazing as always. It feels like he’s just making it up as he goes along which is so fucking cool.

I think Shane Black is a great writer. He wrote Lethal Weapon; One of my favorite films. Always very cool. Great action and good dialogue. But he’s just a decent director. Not ready for the big budget blockbuster. I thought the movie could have used a better director.

And now the spoilers. Massive massive spoilers. Stop reading now.

Spoiler Alert

Stop reading NOW!!!


You have been warned.

Okay one more…


Iron Man Finale

What The Hell, Marvel. I was all set for the Mandarin. I wanted to see the Mandarin. Where was the fucking Mandarin? Talk about false advertising. Bait and motherfucking switch. Pissed me the fuck off. Good movie except if you promise me The Mandarin and give me shit, I’m going to be annoyed. I sat there wishing it was all some joke. Some kind of subterfuge from… (gulp) The Mandarin. All those rings on his fingers… nothing. Oscar-winning actor in the role… nothing. Yes, Sir Ben Kingsley was pretty good after the reveal. Cracked me up or I should say, it would have cracked me up if it didn’t make me so angry.

You don’t know.

The Mandarin

And what was with that 1970’s made for TV movie cheesy as hell End Titles? That was awful. Just awful.

Shane Black is no Jon Favreau. Of course Jon Favreau is actually two and a half Jon Favreaus at this point. (He blew up good) And where was Bruce? I thought Tony and Bruce were going to do some science. Hell when Pepper gets all suped up, I was like well here’s the point where you call your friend the god damn geneticist right? Nope. Not one Avenger in the whole damn thing unless you count the after credits epilogue (which I don’t).

Pepper Potts

I liked the PTSD element of the story. I liked it a lot. If you think about it. All of the other Avengers are seasoned warriors and soldiers one and all. Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow are all actual soldiers. Thor is the fucking God of War so he’s pretty much at home in a battle. But even Hulk, who has been in a lot of huge fights, gets some bad flashbacks. However, the battle in New York was trust fund boy Tony Stark‘s first real action in a major battle so I liked that he had serious problems sleeping and horrible anxiety attacks. Felt real. Good story.

Iron Patriot

And I liked Don Cheadle. But he’s always good.

Honestly I liked the movie up to the point where they pull the wool off and explain how The Mandarin isn’t The Mandarin. At one point Guy Pearce says that he’s the Mandarin. I think his words were, “I’m The Mandarin.”

It was all I could do to not stand up in that theater and shout “No! No you’re not! You’re not the Mandarin.” And as the ushers (it would take four of them) dragged me from the theater. I would still be screaming.

“You’re not The Mandarin! It’s a lie! They’re lying to you!”

And even as the doors closed you would still hear me yelling in the halls of the old theater.

“They’re lying to you!!! He’s not the fucking Mandarin!!!”

Please tell me that was all a joke.

“Oh Mel. We were just kidding. Here’s the real movie with Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin. Power Rings and all. Enjoy.

Thank you

And as I stare off into space from the metal bench in the communal cell at central booking, disturbing the peace I think they call it, you can barely make out my muttering through smiling teeth and wild staring eyes.

“Thank you. I knew you were joking. Thank you, Marvel Studios. Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin. Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin.”

“Yo man you ‘gon eat that baloney sandwich?” Someone asks.

“No. You can have it.” I say. “Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin.” I add as he moves to the  far side of the cell.

Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin

Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin.

– Mel