Man of Steel Trailer


Oh yeah.

Sexy Superman.

That looks good.

Dark, Gritty.

That looks real good.

Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe… Oh yeah.

Bring it.

–  Mel


4 thoughts on “Man of Steel Trailer

    • I know.
      I wasn’t feeling it until this trailer.
      Now I’m thinking that this is going to be amazing.
      Loved Watchmen. Loved 300. Great casting.
      Amy Adams as Lois is PERFECT.
      Film of the year… just from the trailer.


    • They didn’t let a lot of information leak on this one. But now we know that it’s a reboot and you’ve got General Zod as the main baddie and I didn’t even know that Amy Adams was playing Lois Lane.
      I hope it’s like 3 hours long.


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