Thor 2: The Dark World Trailer

Looks cool.

Looks interesting.

I really liked the first one.

Natalie Portman‘s back.

Sounds like Anthony Hopkins is back.

New Director.

Alan Taylor does mostly TV but some really good TV (Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Rome, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire)

Early (no pressure) November release.

Can’t wait…

– Mel


2013 summer movie preview

Great Summer Movie Preview Post from one of my favorite Movie Reviewers, Box Office Buzz.

Box Office Buzz

gallery_14As a self-professed film addict and lover of all things fantasy and science fiction, summer tends to be my favorite time of the year at the box office. 🙂 This is when Hollywood tends to roll out the best of its big-budget films, and this summer, we have quite a selection: from superheroes, to giant fighting robots to the return of the USS Enterprise. Although the reception to the 2013 films released so far has been a bit lukewarm, quite a few hotly-anticipated films will come out in the next few months. Here are some of the most buzzed-about movies this summer:

Iron Man 3 (May 3)

RDJ-Talks-Recasting-Iron-Man“Iron Man 3” is the first individual Marvel superhero film to be released after the success of last summer’s mash-up “The Avengers,” and I’m curious to see where Marvel plans to take the franchise. With a goal of building anticipation back up for…

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