Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

I see you multiple Iron Men and raise you…

Soooooo fucking psyched.

new Star Trek Teaser Trailer is such a tease.

J.J. Rocks.

If he brings the same fun and excitement to the new Star Wars then I will have to bring an oxygen tank to the theater with me.


6 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer

  1. I have to be honest, I hated the first film. I thought that JJ Abrams shitted all over the original cannon to make up his story and he could care less about the fans or the original series. The villain was week and derivative and the story was boring.

    The only thing that saved the film was the actors. They were spectacular! The best casting they could hope for and that made it doubly sad, because the actors totally respected the characters and the original performances with great reverence. So to me it was a waste of a great possibility. I’m not holding my breath for this one but the fact that have Benedict Cumberbatch is the only thing that I have hope for. For me it’s a wait and see situation and I’ll wait.


    • I had the same reaction to Star trek The Next Generation. I thought it was sacrilege. I refused to watch it for several years until I realized… You can’t hold on to the entertainment of your youth with a vice-like grip. Sometimes you have to let it be re-imagined and re-booted.

      JJ Abrams made a FANTASTIC film. Star Trek or not. Great film. And I thought he respected the feel of the original TV series more than anything else. You’re right about the actors bringing the flavor of the original cast to the IMAX screen. Great casting. But I disagree about shitting on the cannon. It is absolutely cannon to change history in Star Trek. Time Travel is a major part of Star Trek from TOS, the spin-offs and both of the movie series.

      So using Time Travel to reboot the story, to reboot the series, to bring back the original Enterprise crew IMO is FUCKING AWESOME.

      Attachment to the past may be preventing you from enjoying the present.


  2. “Attachment to the past may be preventing you from enjoying the present.” Haha! Okay, you got me there. 😉

    I still didn’t like the villian, red matter or the fact that they blew up Vulcan. I’m sticking to my story. I liked the cast so much that I will see the next film but Spock and Uhura????? Kirk and Uhura, Spock and Nurse Chapel! What can I say, I’m a classicist.


    • Yeah. I hear you about Spock & Nurse Chapel. I always liked her unrequited love story. Like Yeoman Rand had for Kirk. I never thought Kirk & Uhura had a thing. Even that kiss was awkward. But that was more of a ST:TNG thing to have them all jumping in and out of bed with each other.

      I don’t know.

      But what I do know is that Zachary Quinto & Zoe Saldana make a hot couple.

      I didn’t like that Vulcan blew up either but it is sort of fitting since this whole thing happened because Spock (Original Spock) screwed up.

      And I loved the villains. They are just miners. Really really pissed off Romulan miners trapped in the past.

      But in my opinion the PreLim Slam (before the opening credits) is the best I have ever seen in any film… hands down.

      Love that movie.


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