Doctor Who: The Snowmen (2012 Christmas Special)

I thought she said “Man”. I’ll have to watch it again.

I also like Clara more than Amy. I liked Amy’s hero worship but she wasn’t the brightest of companions. Oswin is brilliant. I re-watched Asylum of the Daleks to prep. And when she looks directly at the camera and says “Remember me.” I know that’s significant. So I can’t wait to see what Steven & the gang have in store. I’m so excited. I kind of hope (but I know he won’t) that he kills her in every episode. That she dies every week. But that’s a little dark. (and a little too Kenny) I didn’t like the four part Goodbye Ponds episodes. So I’m looking forward to the next 8. And Strax may come from a warrior race but he’d be the first to tell you that… he’s a nurse.

Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay

Doctor Who - The Snowmen

The Doctor as Scrooge? Why not? Steven Moffat pulls it off perfectly in this cracking Christmas Special, with the Doctor living in a cloud of his own misery, reached by a retractable ladder and an ornate, circular iron staircase (“It’s taller on the inside”). In keeping with his mood, he’s dressed in shabby Victorian clothes, dented top hat, and sans bow tie. The TARDIS could do with a lick of paint as well.

It is, of course, because of losing the Ponds – “He suffered losses which hurt him,” as Madame Vastra explains to Clara, who has a more down-to-earth take on it, “Mad.” The Doctor is indulging in a massive sulk, refusing to help humanity, until Clara appears like a force of nature to get him up and running.

While the Doctor still has loyal friends – Madame Vastra, her wife, Jenny, and Strax, the Sontaran warrior brought…

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