American Above All (The Gripes of Wrath)

I am American above all else.


I alone identify myself.

I alone know myself

Better than you.

I know who I am.

You can only claim to know me.


I am American first

I am LGBT after that

I am Black American shorter there

And lastly I am a Mets fan.

If you dis my team I will defend her.

We may not have been to the World Series in a while

But Bernie Madoff is still in prison

And baseball isn’t an easy game.

If you insult my race I will defend it

Just because you show me a list of things that I can’t do

That you say genetically I can not do

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole list of things that I can do

And everyday I will erase another thing from your list

And add another to mine

Every fucking day

If you challenge my way of life & threaten my gay brothers and sisters I will defend them

I will defend their choices & their loves

Their passions and their hearts

If you attack them, you attack me

And if you attack me, you better run

Run motherfucker, run

Who I love has absolutely nothing to do with you



But if you come after my country

If you threaten the American Dream

The American way of life

The values that my fathers fought and died for

That my mothers agonized and bled for

That my great grand parents were stolen for and worked the skin off their backs for

Be you Alien or Human

Foreign threat or domestic

White American or Black

Be you Gay Black American


Mets fan…

If you threaten my people

I will defend them with my life.

I am American first

I am LGBT after that

I am Black American shorter there

And lastly I am a Mets fan.

When you see me

Wherever you see me

In your fear or your hatred

In your pity, your sympathy, your antipathy

You want to spit on me

You want to curse me

You want to tell me I can’t get into heaven

You want to tell me there is a place for me in hell

You want to tell me I am the Great Satan

And everything that’s wrong with the world.

Keep it to yourself

When you see me on the street

When you see me at the club, the bar, the mall, the school, the stadium, the center, the gym, the theater, the park

There is only one thing you are allowed to say to me

And that’s

“Let’s go Mets.”



– Mel


2 thoughts on “American Above All (The Gripes of Wrath)

  1. A very Whitmanesque statement of faith. I can’t agree with you on putting American first (I’m half British, half American) because I’m human above anything else. I think that nationalism is an accident of birth and divides the world. British and American cultural values are integral to my life, they’re the prism through which I see the world, but I choose to identify with a greater whole.


    • Basically I equate nationality, race & sexual preference with being a sports fan. And then the degrees that I would defend these groups (verbally physically) I would not fight for my religion. And even though I fight for my species against our only natural predator: The Virus, everyday, I don’t consider myself a fan of humanity. We suck. I can’t defend our actions or our inaction. If someone told me the Mets sucked we would have an argument. Black people, gay people, Americans. Disparage them and I will defend them. But If someone told me that humans sucked… I would have to agree, wholeheartedly.


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