10 Random Things…

My mind hasn’t been working well of late. The closer we get to election day the more worried I get about.. stuff. So I haven’t been able to string words together in any sort of coherent sentences but I don’t want to neglect my blog for too long. So…

Here are 10 random things that have made me smile over the last month besides the fact that a bunch of my favorite shows are back (Fringe, The Walking Dead, Homeland etc etc) and that I’ve been feeling consistently healthier (if that’s a sentence).

To the list.

1. Eggs

Still looking for new things to do with eggs. I started doing scrambled w/ garlic sprinkling parmigiana over the top and dipping it in ketchup. I can’t stop eating this devilish concoction. Also over easy eggs with hot sauce like on the opening sequence of Dexter. (yes I started doing that after watching Dexter. So, I’m not that original)

2. Nashville on ABC

After three episodes I’m hooked on this country music industry drama because the music is so good. This show would not work without great music. T. Bone Burnett is the Executive Music Producer and he is the man when it comes to good Country & Bluegrass. And all the actors can sing.

I called it Smash meets Revenge after one episode but there are some other subplots developing that seem interesting. And I think Hayden Panettiere is incredibly beautiful and a pretty decent singer.

She is just a pint-sized hottie. It has a great cast. But the best thing about it is/are the songs.

3. The Nerdist Podcast

I like listening to these guys get into the nerdy side of whatever their guest is promoting. Their approach to stuff is more like the way I approach stuff. I want to know how they work and all the little details. They really get in there. And I like the three hosts. Chris Hardwick put together I nice nerdy panel. They are all funny and they are all smart and they are all inquisitive. Loving The Nerdist Channel’s audio shows but I haven’t found a video show that I like except maybe All-Star Celebrity Bowling.

4. The Mindy Project on FOX

The show is very simple. Its got a plot & premise or whatever but that doesn’t matter. It’s Mindy’s world. Mindy’s brain. Mindy’s thing. Her project. So if you like Mindy Kaling you’ll like this show… and I love her. Great, funny, silly, cute show.

5. Binge Masturbation

I haven’t had a date in a while and it’s not good for guys to go too long without… um… blast off.  However masturbation gets boring after a bit. But after a month or two of not doing it, all of  a sudden every little thing turns me on. I can spend a couple of days just getting it out of my system.

Binge Masturbation: Because when you live alone, there’s no one to complain about your 5th and 6th showers of the day.

6. My Cat Lucy’s new favorite spot

She’s getting up there in age and her new favorite spot is on my chest. I think she likes the warmth. She waits until I get into my recliner and I put on a movie or a game or whatever and lean back in the chair then she climbs on my chest and falls asleep. It’s so damn cute. I only have to wake her to go to the bathroom.

7. Elementary on CBS

I’m enjoying this version of Sherlock Holmes. Mostly for the great cast but I also like the stories. It hasn’t been the gun shooting, chase scene riddled procedural that I thought it would be and I’m pleased. I also love the relationship between the stars. Lucy Liu’s Watson is a great character and she’s a great actor. Jonny Lee Miller’s on edge, strung-out, fragile, self-doubting Holmes is an interesting departure from the totally in control, total control freaks in the recent British versions.

It’s no where near as good as the Steven Moffat show but I like it alot and I hope it stays around. (you know what else is enjoyable on CBS… Vegas with Michael Chiklis & Dennis Quaid. It’s pretty good)

8. Facebook Games

I keep playing these damn games. They are just so addictive, though I wish Facebook had a better chess app. Each month I find another little game that I add to my list of time-wasters. And when my list gets too long I have to say goodbye to some of my older faves. That’s always sad. Right now I’m liking Song Pop & Marvel’s Avengers Alliance and I’m playing a lot of Solitaire Blitz but they took away the Extra Cards power-up & made it harder, so I may be dropping that one.

9. Twitter in an Election Year

There’s not a lot I can say except that if not for Twitter and MSNBC, I would have screamed myself hoarse at the sheer amount of stupidity, racism, hatred, lying and blatant & senseless misogyny in this years’ election. Thank you Twitter for keeping me relatively sane.

10. Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea


And finally there is Herbal Teas. I drink the Celestial Seasonings brand of herbal teas because that’s what they carry at my local market. I’ve always been a late night muncher. I like to munch. But it’s not because I’m hungry. It’s because I’m bored. So instead, I drink tea. Green Tea, Chamomile Tea or one of the blends. I have maintained a healthy weight and it helps to keep me hydrated. Loving the teas.

And that’s my list. These are the things that are making me happy these days.

What makes you happy?

– Mel


Gimme Some

Can I have some of that?
Thank you.

You’re very nice.
No, I meant it as a compliment.
Didn’t it sound like a compliment?

Can I have some more?
Thank you.
Be careful though someone might try to take advantage of you.

Hey, why don’t we just split it 50/50?
Right down the middle.

How about I hold half of yours, put it with mine & you’ll always have some, you know, “in the bank”.

You know what?
Just let me hold all of yours and I’ll give you some when you need it, that way no one can steal yours.
I’ll keep it safe.

What’s that?
No no no no
You don’t need any of this.
It’s a crutch.
You’re fine without it.

You’re still here?
Still begging?

I see

Have some self-respect.
Go get your own you.

American Above All (The Gripes of Wrath)

I am American above all else.


I alone identify myself.

I alone know myself

Better than you.

I know who I am.

You can only claim to know me.


I am American first

I am LGBT after that

I am Black American shorter there

And lastly I am a Mets fan.

If you dis my team I will defend her.

We may not have been to the World Series in a while

But Bernie Madoff is still in prison

And baseball isn’t an easy game.

If you insult my race I will defend it

Just because you show me a list of things that I can’t do

That you say genetically I can not do

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole list of things that I can do

And everyday I will erase another thing from your list

And add another to mine

Every fucking day

If you challenge my way of life & threaten my gay brothers and sisters I will defend them

I will defend their choices & their loves

Their passions and their hearts

If you attack them, you attack me

And if you attack me, you better run

Run motherfucker, run

Who I love has absolutely nothing to do with you



But if you come after my country

If you threaten the American Dream

The American way of life

The values that my fathers fought and died for

That my mothers agonized and bled for

That my great grand parents were stolen for and worked the skin off their backs for

Be you Alien or Human

Foreign threat or domestic

White American or Black

Be you Gay Black American


Mets fan…

If you threaten my people

I will defend them with my life.

I am American first

I am LGBT after that

I am Black American shorter there

And lastly I am a Mets fan.

When you see me

Wherever you see me

In your fear or your hatred

In your pity, your sympathy, your antipathy

You want to spit on me

You want to curse me

You want to tell me I can’t get into heaven

You want to tell me there is a place for me in hell

You want to tell me I am the Great Satan

And everything that’s wrong with the world.

Keep it to yourself

When you see me on the street

When you see me at the club, the bar, the mall, the school, the stadium, the center, the gym, the theater, the park

There is only one thing you are allowed to say to me

And that’s

“Let’s go Mets.”



– Mel