5 by 5: 5 Quick Reviews of 5 Movies on DVD

Let’s get right to it.


Directed by Ridley Scott

Written by Damon Lindelof & Jon Spaihts

After watching this film 3 times, I can still honestly say it is my favorite movie of this past summer. That’s right I liked it better than Dark Knight Rises. One of the best Science Fiction dramas I have seen in a long time. Fantastic cast. With Noomi Rapace, Micheal Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Idris Elba all bringing it hard for an amazing script. And the writing… Great story.

Ridley Scott has not lost a step. He creates an amazingly rich and real futuristic world. He channels Stanley Kubrick at times. And John Carpenter at others. He is a magician.

I’ve heard some talk of a sequel. I hope not. This movie was perfect and adding to it will just take away from that perfection.

Also I feel that if it answered too many questions it would lose some of its magic. I like unanswered questions. I like open ending.

Prometheus is a little heavy on the religion and mysticism but it fits with the theme of searching for man’s beginnings and quite possibly finding  its end. The best futuristic science fiction has to pull religion into it at some point because scientific advancement doesn’t decrease spirituality, it enhances it.

Anyway. So good. So thought-provoking. A sometimes terrifying, only occasionally preachy, tension filled, kick-ass action film.

The academy will overlook it, but I won’t. Film of the year so far. Best Direction so far. Best Ensemble Cast so far.

Loved it.


Dark Shadows

Directed by Tim Burton

Written by Seth Grahame-Smith

Dark Shadows, however, is the worse film I have seen this year so far. It is dumb. I was never a fan of the old campy soap opera. It too was dumb. But this film is just plain idiotic. It’s even worse than Battleship.

What a terrible story. Terrible dialogue. Terrible acting. With bad effects. Garbage. Pure garbage.

It’s supposed to be campy but it’s shit. It’s pure shit.

Eva Green is hot though but not worth the hour and a half.


The Cabin in the Woods

Directed by Drew Goddard

Written by Joss Whedon & Drew Goddard

The Cabin in the Woods is fantastic. Joss Whedon never fails, never disappoints. It is smart,  funny, original… It’s a new take on the slasher film. A parody of the slasher film. A deconstruction of the slasher film. At the same time being a very, very cool slasher film.

A lot of Joss Whedon favorites are in it. Amy Acker, Fran Kranz, Tom Lenk… It’s a fun cast with Chris Hemsworth, Bradley Whitford and many more. Although they are secondary to a very cool script. The dialogue is sensational. Funny and hip. (what would you expect from Joss & co.) And the story is just insane.

I’m not the biggest fan of the horror genre except when someone puts some real creativity into it or a new spin on it. The Cabin in the Woods is insanely good, beautifully creative and refreshingly original.

This would make a great TV series.

Love, love, loved it.


The Avengers

Directed by Joss Whedon

Written by Zak Penn & Joss Whedon

I reviewed the Avengers earlier in the summer. Now that it’s on DVD, and deleted scenes have been added, I felt the need to review it again.

Still amazing. Stands up well to repeat viewing. Deleted scenes fit right into the story. I barely recognized them. Except for Harry Dean Stanton’s extended scene which stands out and helps the Hulk’s actions make more sense (that sentence was a train-wreck… sorry)

Great movie. I think this Joss Whedon kid might be good at his job.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 1

Directed by Jay Oliva

Written by Bob Goodman, Bob Kane & Frank Miller

The Dark Knight Returns is a very nice story. I never read the Frank Miller comic about the old retired Bruce Wayne who is forced to re-don the cowl & cape to face yet another threat to Gotham City, but I loved this movie.

A very gritty, more realistic Batman and I always love when they do that, it features the vocal talents of Peter Weller as the more grizzled Dark Knight. But then throws in a new sidekick where the difference in their ages is so stark that she is young enough to be his great-granddaughter. That’s right I said SHE. The new Robin is voiced by Ariel Winters from Modern Family (She plays the nerdy Alex Dunphy)

Girl Robin in the house.

Good movie.

Is there a part 2 yet? Bring it on. Hurry up.


So to recap…

– If you like thought-provoking sci-fi horror with great performances & effects then rent Prometheus (or just buy it the shit is amazing)

– And if you like your horror films with a little less sci-fi but more cool, funny & entertaining (in a Joss Whedon sort of way) then rent The Cabin in the Woods (or just buy it the shit is amazing)

– But if you like your cool, funny& entertaining Joss Whedon films with awesome superhero action then rent The Avengers (hell just buy it the shit is amazing)

– Or if you like your superhero action in animated form and with a gritty tough as nails Batman then rent Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 1 (or just buy it the shit is amazing)

– And lastly if you like any of the things listed above I can’t see how you could enjoy Dark Shadows. It’s awful. Really bad. (However if you like bad movies just rent it the shit is amazingly bad)

That’s all for now.


– Mel


5 thoughts on “5 by 5: 5 Quick Reviews of 5 Movies on DVD

  1. Nice reviews! I also loved Prometheus, and I agree — sometimes open endings are better. I liked the fact is raised more questions than it answered. It really made me think.

    Avengers was also awesome. I’ve seen it five times so far, and it’s still great. 😉


    • Yeah everytime I watch Avengers I see new things. Someone on Gplus was complaining about Widow & Hawkeye. Saying they are unnecessary. When I was composing my reply it occurred to me that the 6 of them could easily represent the U.S Defense Department. Thor would Navy. Mostly because he controls weather but also because he’s flexible (air land water) He’s the least obvious. But the rest… Hulk would Marines. Cap would be Army. Iron man would Air Force. Black Widow would be CIA & Hawkeye would be the assassination squads (seal teams, drones, recon) All the pieces fit so well. I love that movie.

      I hope there is an extended Prometheus coming out with the deleted scenes in place. It could have been 4 hours and I wouldn’t have noticed.


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