5×5 5 Quick Reviews of 5 New Movies on DVD

The Hunger Games

Directed by Gary Ross

Hunger Games was so much better than I expected it to be. (I don’t know why I was thinking Running Man meets Twilight but it wasn’t that) It’s a pretty decent dystopian drama for half of the film (I list my favorite dystopian future films here)  and then… and then the children begin to kill each other and it gets awesome.

Jennifer Lawrence is still over-rated in my opinion, but she is beautiful and she can carry a film on her shoulders which is all that counts. (Loved her in X-Men: First Class as a young Mystique) I loved the action sequences in Hunger Games and also the televised spectacle. All of the performances are great, including Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks & the delightfully sardonic Stanley Tucci. And I can tell that the book, with more time to map out the 12 districts and the stark contrast between the privileged and the poor, is probably a lot better but I sincerely can’t wait for the next film.

Snow White & The Huntsman

Directed by Rupert Sanders

This a beautiful film. Charlize Theron is magnificent, so wicked & so tragic in her isolation created from her vanity and her greed. The best portrayal of the evil queen so far.

Snow White has great effects creating exquisite imagery. Stewart and Hemsworth are both very good. But the title kind of gives away a part of the story. There is a love triangle and there is no suspense about who she is going to pick. The damn thing is called Snow White & the Huntsman. But  it’s really good and with its amazing cinematography, is only enhanced by a higher state of consciousness. Meaning: This is a film to watch stoned. I kid you not.


Directed by Peter Berg

This movie is awful in so many ways. It is awful. Just awful. Fucking awful.

The Raid: Redemption

Directed by Gareth Evans

The Raid: Redemption is surprisingly good for a low-budget martial arts flick shot entirely in a mob run drug den in the Jakarta slums. The fight choreography shines in this film even if it is a little light on story.

The Indonesian fighting style of the film is fluid and brutal in starts and stops. It’s gorgeous and acrobatic. The two main fight choreographers, the star Iko Uwais and one of the main baddies, Yayan Ruhian meet for one of the best movie fights I have seen in a long time. This movie is the story of a botched police raid on a mob controlled building. As the cops go from floor to floor looking for the kingpin, they meet overwhelming resistance ( I’m talking Zombie Apocalypse kind of resistance) and have to battle their way up and fight their way out. It’s very violent. But very very good.

2 Days in New York

Directed by Julie Delpy

I love Julie Delpy… with a passion. Like most people, I fell in love with her after seeing Before Sunrise (and later Before Sunset) before finding everything she’s ever done as a director & actor and just devouring it all. Then watching interviews and behind the scenes stuff and… She is just amazing (head-over-heels in love).

And I love this movie. Chris Rock is good and the rest of the cast including I’m guessing her father (as her father) is very funny. It’s kind of a slice of life. Very Woody Allen. Basically two days in this couple’s relationship when her family visits from France. It’s very french in style and very funny.


But Julie is fantastic and can do little wrong in my eyes. THIS is storytelling. THIS is filmmaking, THIS is a very good movie. Julie Delpy rocks.

“Mel likes me. He really likes me. I’m just so emotional right now.”
“B****, please. Mel loves everybody.”

And in conclusion

– If you like Art House Films rent 2 Days in New York
– If you like Trippy Action Films rent Snow White & the Huntsman
– If you like Martial Arts Action Films rent The Raid: Redemption
– If you like good movies where children savagely beat each other to death then rent The Hunger Games

-And if you want to spend 2 hours banging your head up against your living room wall mumbling over & over, “Why? Why did they make this movie? Why Hollywood? Why?” then illegally download Battleship because giving these people any of your money is a crime against art, nature, decency… I could on.

and that’s it.

So, how did I do Katniss?


Later y’all,

– Mel


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